Friday, May 20, 2016

Let's get Published!

Hi all!

I know it's been a while, and it's been quiet but I've got some exciting news! I'm going to start seriously editing and then submitting my first ever work for publishing.

I've chosen Taming an Immortal because it's one of my recent works and it really does have the maturity that most of my earlier works (though popular) lacked. Also, Summoning the Wolf which is it's sequel is also in the midst of drafting so for those of you who had a peek at the first chapter on Literotica, I do hope that you will look forward to both these stories if I ever do get it published.

So let's see how it goes; updates will definitely be up here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Taming an Immortal update and teaser

This final chapter is taking me longer than expected and it's not because I've been lazy but because of how difficult the scenes were to write. Birth, death, heartache - yeah all that messiness.

I'm already at 27 Microsoft Word pages which is really long BUT it's still not finished! So this might not be up by this weekend as I thought it would be. So, let's see for another week and then phew! Done with the story.

Anyway, in this final installment, I've decided to write a short peek into what could possibly be written in the sequel. It's one of my favourite scenes from this chapter only because it's a sharp contrast to the depressing nature of the other scenes. This is still the raw form as I haven't edited nor embellished it but while we wait until TAM Ch 14 is posted, enjoy!


Eulalie glanced sideways at the female still wrapped in the pelt of the Western Lord. She wouldn’t lie to herself but Eulalie was surprised and damn right pissed to find out the identity of the Lady of the West. Etienne had abandoned his pregnant mate for this?

All Vampire women were bastards. Her father had taught her that right from the start which was why he never married any of them. And like all the Pureblood women he had lain with, this one was no different.

For all the calm and gentle exterior the female Pureblood tried to portray, only Eulalie knew the wickedness that lay claim in that woman’s heart. Eirikr was now a shadow of his former self; simply existing but not living because she had trapped him, used him and discarded him like the unworthy trash he wasn’t.

Eulalie could kill her for that alone.

And then she would kill her for putting the sadness in Rose’s eyes. God, Eulalie liked that human! She had given Merkel and his men a home and asked for nothing in return – not even when her father had offered to take her as his wife! What an honour that should have been. But Rose needed no more of that.

To Eulalie, a woman raising a child without a man deserved a class of honours of her own. Especially when it was obvious that carrying a half Vampire child was robbing the human of her strength and life.

“These mountains have become more dangerous recently. We’ve been having unexpected guests…” Eulalie didn’t know why she offered that information but it got Etienne’s immediate attention.

“That’s why the wolves were edgy.” Etienne nodded at her silence. “What sort of guests?”

“Dead bodies – floating down the river, flung on trees…” Eulalie closed her eyes to will the images away. “Children… all of them.”

Etienne had a hard set frown on his face, the silver in his eyes going slightly gold as he processed her words.

“Scent and tracks?” Too many.

Eulalie raised her eyes to meet his. “You know whose.

And I can assure you that Father is looking into it. That’s why I’m here.” Indeed, the hyenas had never been a problem before, always adhering to the strict segregation rules enforced by their Changeling Lord of the East. But all that had changed the moment the hyenas sought refuge underground.

Eulalie herself didn’t know that beneath them lay a labyrinth of caves and channels that were massive enough to house an entire army of hyena Changelings. From the vast number of soldiers who attacked Seurri, their underground base was the only logical place to accommodate all those thousands.

Right under their noses.

If she didn’t know better, Eulalie had the feeling that her father had offered his hand to Rose as punishment for allowing the hyenas to proliferate and attack the South. Her father was never one to chain himself so willingly to a woman.

“We will visit your brother once this storm passes. And I will help you track the hyenas.” His decision sounded absolute, much to the dismay of the female Pureblood beside him. It went without saying that he had every intention of leaving her behind while he scouted. Even through the soft glow of the campfire, Eulalie had caught her face paling.

“And what of your relation up the peaks?” she asked softly, watching as the female turned away from them.

“He has lived for thousands of years. A few more days wouldn’t matter.”

The storm stopped too soon in Zahara’s opinion – almost as though it was dying to put Etienne’s decision into action. Why of all the wolves, they had to meet her?

And if Etienne hadn’t known earlier about her past, he surely would now. The shameless wolf wore her mark like it was a medallion across his skin –literally. Skin deep, the ink spelled out her name in the Changeling tongue and displayed for all to see on the side of his neck like a choker.

Though he couldn’t read Changeling script, Etienne knew the basic alphabets and though he didn’t voice it, she knew that he was roaring with laughter on the inside. Idiot!

“Sister mine, how fare thee?” Zahara watched Eirikr kiss Eulalie’s cheeks twice even though his eyes were fixed only on her. “And to what do I owe this pleasure?”

He all but purred.

“Brother, this is Lord Etienne of the West and –”

“This is Zahara Arceneaux, cousin of mine,” supplied Etienne saving both women from unwanted embarrassment. “I thank you for your kind welcome Prince Eirikr. But this is not a social call.”

Zahara watched as Etienne hustled the siblings into an adjoining chamber, leaving her and Keiko alone. But the reprieve was not for long.

When they reappeared, Eulalie had a nasty scowl on her face while her brother was positively brimming with delight – his face almost an exact copy of his father’s when he grinned. That said a lot, considering that the Eastern Lord was a classic cassanova. 

However, that was nothing compared to the look on Etienne’s face. Despite the stoic front he was clearly putting up, Zahara caught the amusement in his eyes and worst – the laughter in his head!

“Come Princess, we must make haste,” he announced, nodding at Keiko to follow. “Zahara, I will return for you. Be well cousin.”

He didn’t even give her a chance to say goodbye, simply disappearing before she could protest.

“You do not look pleased to be in my company.” Soft hands played with a stray strand of her hair.

“Perhaps you should show me to my room,” she replied sharply without turning towards him. “I do not wish to burden you any longer with my presence.”

“Oh, but of course,” he replied, taking her hand and bringing it to his lips. “You know the way to my chambers.”


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Taming an Immortal Ch 13 teaser

So the penultimate chapter to the story. For those of you wondering, yes there is a sequel planned in my head because the ending that I have written for TAM is not completely wholesome in the typical Happily Ever After. I think it is satisfactory though not satisfying.

Hah, or maybe I just want you guys hooked onto my writings!

Anyway, enough rambling. I've just submitted TAM ch 13 on Lit and so it will be up in 72 hours. And so, here is a short peek at my favourite scene in the chapter:

Wind Eternal was already out of its sheath even before he landed beside her; the blade pressed precisely against the beating artery at his neck. She had moved so fast, it totally caught him off guard.

“You dare approach me in my private chambers?” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper meant for his ears only.

“You wouldn’t speak to me otherwise Rose.”

Etienne wanted to touch her but stayed rooted in place – only his eyes daring to look at her.

Since when did her eyes start to have that ring of gold around the iris? It had to be a trick of the light but Rose, despite her pregnancy, looked nothing like a sick matronly woman. Her lithe body betrayed nothing of the growing child inside her and by her heightened speed and senses, Etienne had a feeling that his Rose was no longer fully human.

It was as if she and the baby had a symbiotic relationship; the Halfling feeding his mother with his strength, almost in a fight to survive. He didn’t know if it was temporary for the duration of the pregnancy or a permanent feature but Etienne knew this Rose was no longer one who would play by his rules.

“There is nothing to talk about.” However, she lowered her sword but kept him at arm’s length.

“You should know never to raise my own fang against me,” he laughed.  Fast as she may be, he was still faster, disarming her in a heartbeat; her body twisted such that her back was pressed against his front.

“Why do you fight me Rose?” he whispered against her ear.

Her struggling stopped and she stilled completely. “What do you want, Lord Etienne of the West?”

God, she smelled heavenly even under the layers of all the men who had dared to paw her. Wasn’t his mark and the scent of his child so clear on her to hint to them to back off? Call it selfish, but this woman was his and he’d be damned if he allowed anyone else to claim otherwise.

“You don’t have those rights anymore my Lord. Perhaps you should unhand me.”


The corners of her lips twisted into a smirk. “Every male in this castle will be here in a matter of seconds – all I need to do is scream help.”

“Then I will put them down.”

“No! You will not touch them. Not on my lands Lord Arceneaux.”

Ramming her elbow backwards into his ribs, Etienne let out a sharp exhale before loosening his grip. He wanted so badly to pull her backwards but chose instead to let her go. Eyes downcast, Etienne found himself staring at the silver band around his wrists.

“You should have had a matching one,” he whispered regretfully, raising his eyes to capture her gaze.

When the words came out, they were spoken in his native tongue – soft chants as his eyes gently roamed from her face down her body to rest at her stomach.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Taming an Immortal updates

I've written the full skeleton for Chapters 13 and 14 with a small epilogue at the end. Phew.
Wrapped that one up really nicely and I think the ending will be satisfactory for everyone, although it does allow for a sequel to be written!

But now the problem is actually fleshing out the skeleton. I'm actually surprised to see that the story has taken almost 3 months to write (feels like I've been writing everyday!) and I think it will conclude nicely by early August.

Just two more chapters everyone! I'm only halfway through Chapter 13 so lets see if I can finish the draft some time this weekend or mid next week. That would mean it'll be up on Lit say on the 25th or 26th July.

After that, let's see to work on the Wolf's call to the Moon a bit and maybe toy with a possibility for a sequel to TAM!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Taming an Immortal Chap 11 teasers

Chapter 11 should be out in a day or two! But here's a short peek at my favourite section from this chapter! It's between Drake, Miria and Rose as they took a tour of Seurri.

“I know what you’re doing,” said Anzer the moment Rose was out of sight. “It is not your right to imprint the child.”

“As opposed to you?” Drake slammed his palm on the table, glaring at his father. “You know how I feel about her and yet you wish to claim what should be mine?”

“Do not presume what you do not know! Changelings and Vampires live in separate worlds with separate rules. Imprinting on a child not of your blood is certain death!”

The intensity of his father’s slap echoed more than just the physical act itself. How hypocritical of him to say that when he, a Noble laid claim on him and his brothers as though they were his own?

Pressing a hand on his cheek, Drake turned and ran out of the dining hall. He had come here, without hesitation on his father’s request and now there were rules? Drake wasn’t planning on playing by them. He had come for Rose and he would stay for her. Damn whoever who’d dare stop him!

Wiping the scowl off his face, Drake put on the usual cheeriness that Rose was familiar with. He had sensed a deep sadness within the human and his heart had ached for her. There would be no need for his feelings to impose itself on hers.

“I hope Anzer didn’t nag too much,” said Rose when he caught up. “Must be hard for him being so far away from you five.”

Drake simply smiled. He hadn’t thought about it that way to be honest. But today was not about him.
“So, tell me, how’s the rebuilding going? Do you need help?”

Rose smiled, angling her head towards him. “Are you planning to stay for long?”

“As long as you want sweetheart,” he replied, curling an arm around her shoulder possessively; ignoring the curious look Miria was throwing his way.

Rose however didn’t seem to mind the contact for she kept on walking, drawing his attention to the city walls as they approached the perimeter.

“We have a group of red wolf Changelings currently helping us with the reconstruction.” She winked at him. “I’m sorry squab, but they’re much better seamen. Thanks to them, we’ve had some excellent minerals and rocks from the sea.”

“Well, at least I look better – you know, less hairy and all.” He winked back, before making a face at a passing red wolf.

“Drake, you better keep your smart ass mouth to yourself. Or I’ll feed you to those damn wolves,” warned Miria; fingers twisting his ears in warning.

Yelping, Drake dissolved into a shimmer of light before landing on Rose’s shoulder in his Changeling form. When Miria tried to catch him, he merely pecked at her fingers revengefully.
“Now, now children. Behave!” laughed Rose as they continued walking towards a makeshift tent where a group of red wolves and humans had congregated.

“My Lady, what brings you here today?” One of the burly red wolves greeted her; his eye darting at Drake suspiciously.
“Merkel. I’m glad to see you’re well. Have there been enough supplies for the workers?”

“Miria has brought enough… supplies, to build another village.” The wolf coughed slightly before looking away. 

Why that cheeky little…

Hopping off Rose’s shoulder, Drake landed on Miria’s head, tapping her scalp with his beak. Her reaction was a second too slow but Miria eventually managed to grab him by the neck before stuffing him in her bag.

That was a mistake of course for he started squawking at the top of his lungs to be released from his cloth prison.

“Miria… give him to me.” He heard the order from Rose. A second later, her scent was close to the bag as she hissed. “Drake, this is why Anzer keeps needing to have a talk with you. I’m feeding you to Merkel if you don’t behave!”

“I don’t eat seagulls. They taste disgusting,” said the red wolf with a laugh. “But, Titus over there might fancy some meat. He’s been complaining that fish and kelp aren’t his thing.”

“I’m so sorry about him. He’s just a baby,” said Miria apologetically as she handed Drake over to Rose. “Umm… have you had lunch?”

Drake only wished he didn’t have to witness such a revolting scene before him. Miria, warrior princess was currently swooning over the heap of muscles like some love sick puppy. What was it about those damn wolves that Pureblood women always found so alluring? Tsk!

“Perhaps you could come with us,” suggested Rose. “I was planning to take Drake here to have soft-shelled crabs down by the pier.”

If he could roll his eyes, Drake probably would for the red wolf –if it was even possible –had gone an even brighter shade of red.

“Of course my Lady. It would be my honour. Let me see if the Princess would like to join us.”
When he was gone, Drake jumped off Rose’s shoulder and took back his human form.

“That was painful Miria. Please… I need a stick to poke my eyes out.”

Both women glared at him but only one smacked him on the head –Miria was obviously guilty.
“Now Drake, Eulalie is the Princess of the East. I know you can’t hold your tongue around me and I love you for that… but, please, try not to get yourself eaten around her.”

Drake was about to tell Rose that was highly impossible when he spotted her.

Hair so blonde they appeared almost white, the Princess walked – no, floated as her dress flowed like water behind her.

Drake had found his match and damn she looked much better in feathers than him. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wolf's Call to the Moon Ch 5 posted and a TAM update

Yes, for those who read my blog, I've posted a new chapter so you can expect it to be up in 72 hours! That should be Sunday night or Monday afternoon for some of you.

Honestly, writing that chapter drained me completely. AND you must forgive me for it because I edited it while having a hangover. Still, I managed to round up the final bits and boy is it exhausting!

Writing lores of the Werewolf origins or Vampires always tired me out because it takes a lot of research and also cunning twists to make sure it fits with the storyline. I've thrown in a couple of hints as to what could possibly be in the other tomb and so I'm eagerly waiting to hear about your guesses!

Right, so now, I'm off to try and write Chapter 10 for Taming an Immortal. I had scraped the entire chapter 10 that I had written because I felt it was moving too fast. *GASP* So yes, longer wait for the next chapter but I figured, you'd want to see a more 'Rose-perspective' of the pregnancy and maybe her getting back at Etienne rather than just to jump into the solution for Etienne getting back with her.

By the way, I used the word 'imprinting' in this chapter and if anyone dares to say 'omg twilight!', I might just kill that person. Someone said WCTM was like Vampire diaries or something and I'm like 0.o? I only knew Ian Somerhalder was hot but other than that, I didn't follow the series. It is honestly insulting how some people think ideas evolve in silos and that someone owns a character or idea.

So yes back to my imprinting. It's nothing of the Meyer's concept which a potential mate imprints on his future mate. The scientific definition is as below and that's the idea I'm using for the story :)

The best-known form of imprinting is filial imprinting, in which a young animal acquires several of its behavioral characteristics from its parent. It is most obvious in nidifugous birds, which imprint on their parents and then follow them around.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Writing updates - WCTM!

So I've been digging up my old writing notebooks - yes I have tons of plain white notebooks for writing - and guess what I found?

You might not be able to see it clearly, but it's the written version of the WCTM chapters. I usually ramble them off on paper before writing them down in words. Well, you can see how tiny I write as well so there's a lot going on between those pages; some ideas for the following chapters scribbled at corners and on random pages as well.

Anyway, the reason why I dug up these old books was because I've been receiving quite a lot of emails recently saying how good Wolf's Call to the Moon was and so I went back to read it and well...

It IS a fantastic story. Ahaha. So much intrigue, drama and suspense. I know as an author at this point, I might not deliver the level of complexity that I wished the story could have but I'll try. But I do know that the story itself has the potential for publishing, so when I do, I'd probably have to do a rewrite. 

I can tell this story was written by a younger me for I shuttled POVs like nobody's business. I don't know if you guys noticed this but in TAM, I've made an effort to show only ONE character's frame of mine at one time before a page break. But WCTM was written almost like it was a movie script rather than a novel. Never mind. I'll fix that. 

Let me see if I can churn out Chapter 5 for WCTM because I am currently also juggling Taming an Immortal and Zodiac of the Shogun (which is only available on Wattpad and Fanfiction). But it seems like I'm on a roll so we'll see! 

I've written out 12 MS word pages for Chapter 5 already so if I can hit say 18-20 pages by the end of the month, I'll definitely put it up. 

Have a great week everyone!