Friday, January 27, 2012

Goodbye (for now)

Dear All,

As you know I haven't been 'active' in every sense of the word these few months. I know I promised an epilogue but I just cannot bring myself to write anything. Life's been difficult - personally and professionally, so I'm going to take a step back from writing for now. Perhaps when the muse is ready, I might come back to writing.

I thank those who've read my stories and been my friends, keeping me motivated and giving me the encouragement to write. *hugs*

So for now, I must say my goodbyes. Writing all the stories have been the best part of my life. Thank you all for being a part of it!



  1. Thank you fot the wonderfful stories that you have written. I will miss you but I understand. Take care.IR2R

  2. please take care and stop bye and say hello once in a while I will miss your wonderful stories and will be waiting for your return
    Good luck and please be happy

  3. Wow!
    I really enjoy your writing and hope that one day in the future you can find some inspiration.
    Good luck.


  4. I just found your stories and loved them. You could turn them into novels. The story line leaves you wanting more. I loved your characters. I hope you will continue the stories they're wonderfully written.

    Hope things turn around for you