Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wolf's Call to the Moon Ch 2 Sneak Preview

Hi everyone!
I'm tweaking the chapter a little more and adding a couple more scenes to make it longer (for you!), so while waiting for the chapter to be up on the website -hopefully by this Sunday- here's a sneak peek at our trio once again. 
When Mallory finally got back to her temporary lodging that evening, she was not surprised to see Jamie leaning against her door waiting for her.
“I have not been able to catch you at all the whole day,” he said in a flat tone.
Unsure if he was accusing her or simply being matter-of-fact, Mallory shrugged. “I’ve been busy Jamie.”
The Risen did not appreciate that the human felt it her right to ignore or challenge him. She belonged to him and if it took drawing her blood to make her understand that, then so be it.
Closing the gap between them, he pressed his knuckles gently on her cheekbones.
“You should stop resisting me Mallory,” he whispered in her ears, his teeth scraping her earlobe as a warning. Her body stiffened in shock at the contact. “I could give you so much pleasure… if only you’d stop denying me.”
Soft lips were slowly kissing down the column of her neck.
It would only take one bite…
“Jamie… please…” Hands pressed against his chest, Mallory tried to push him away but he was too strong; overpowering her body and mind.
Incisors lengthening so precariously close to the tender flesh…
A blur of darkness caught Jamie’s attention and he retracted his fangs and spun Mallory behind him so quickly that she almost fell.
“Get indoors and stay there!” he instructed, using a blast of power on her mind to ensure she’d comply immediately.
With Mallory behind closed doors, Jamie began to scan the forested area in front of him. He didn’t sense anybody but that never meant no one was watching.
Then out of the shadows, a blur of white jumped at him so fast that Jamie was unable to block the attack, gaining a deep gash in his abdomen. Although the gash was aimed to maim and not kill, it was still deep enough that Jamie had to clench his hands over the wound to stop him from bleeding out.
“Fuck!” When it came to healing, Jamie had no inert abilities. Though Risen wounds heal faster than humans, it would not be fast enough for him to recover to launch a physical counterattack.
Hidden in the darkness provided by the trees, Clay remained low and at a distance safe enough to prevent the Risen from using his abilities to render him defenceless. He continued watching as the Risen – whom Mallory had addressed as Jamie – kept searching for his attacker in vain until he could no longer stay in the open and retreated to heal his wounds.
Satisfied that Mallory was no longer in immediate danger of being marked by a Risen, Clay decided to return to his temporary accommodations to get ready for his date with Mallory that night. He wasn’t intending on allowing her to stay in that wretched hell-hole aside the Risen so he was going to do all he could to make her stay in his – even if that meant seducing and pampering her all night…
With his mind occupied with thoughts of Mallory, Clay almost missed the scent of another Light Walker in his midst.
Retreating back into the shadows, Clay kept his eyes on the lone brown wolf padding her way through the foliage.
Clay was sure that he hadn’t betrayed his scent ever since stepping foot in Europe but when a Light Walker scout was out hunting, there would be no mistaking the wolf prints and marks he had left behind.
And while the tracker was tracking his tracks, Clay knew he would soon have to follow the tracks that the wolf left behind in an attempt to understand who was following him and why.

But first he needed to get dressed for his date.

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