Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apple of My Eye - author's bites

I have finally finished my Valentine's Day contest entry... and yes, I've regained my spark for writing again, so hopefully TLAW will continue to be written soon.

I'm really excited for this entry because I've never entered a contest before and I really hope it turns out well! I love the characters that I've churned out and I realize that my male characters have a tendency to follow my temperament while the female characters are usually molded around the kind of woman that I'd like to be but never am.

I love my characters to argue with each other; intelligently of course. Bantering and playful repartee is something that I look for when I date. It's not always easy to find a guy like that so I create him in my head and lash them out in writing!

I'll post the story here once it's approved on LitE.

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