Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To Love a Were Chapters 8 and 9

I had an email today from one of the readers who gave me some great suggestions to follow up with the story so far and I'm really geared up to write! It's amazing how others' perspectives and suggestions opens up your crowded mind to possibilities other than your own!

I'm currently finishing up chapter 8 and will send it to my two editors asap! They are the best by the way- always efficient and really funny too! Love love love you two!

So for chapter 8 and 9 I am actually heading up north to Scotland over the weekend to do some research for these two chapters. At first, I didn't want to disclose where the stories were being set but then, I realise that it's better to know where the characters are so you can understand the traditions that are being followed.

As you know, Sydney and Dominic are getting married!!!!

So, as part of their Scottish heritage they're going to have the whole shebang! School doesn't start till a fortnight later so I'm crashing over at a friend's place in Glasgow and maybe learn a thing or two about the Scotts. And it's going to be snowing!!!! Yay!

I'll write more about what I learned soon okay?
OMG I've never been to Scotland so I'm soooooooooooooo excited!!!

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  1. cant wait to see the next chapters Dear.....say hi to Monster Lochness lol. I wish i can lend you my eyes so i can see the beauty of Scotlandia. By the way, can you meet those big burly bonnie lads in kilts....lol.