Friday, December 31, 2010

On writing

Writing erotica is perhaps a way to feed my alter-ego because in real life I'm quite shy and conservative even. But the writing is different- you can hide behind your characters; experiment with new ones and even step into the shoes of a character that is the complete opposite of yourself!

The characterization for TLAW is, in my opinion, better than The Hunters. They are stronger and more distinct (i hope). Truth is, writing is really difficult. You can churn out a piece of work within a few hours with the right dose of drive but the actual process of writing a novel or essay takes much longer than that.

That's why, each time I go to my LitE site and see people putting up comments, I get butterflies in my stomach. I get scared of people's comments and criticisms but I've learned to deal with them... I suppose that's what authors do...

Anyway, I'm having difficulties writing out the sex scenes for TLAW chapter 8. Mostly coz I'm tired- getting little sleep and pushing my body too hard at the gym. So I guess Chapter 8's gonna take a while.

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