Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TLAW Chapter 7

Often in the morning when I wake up and intend to start on a new chapter, I end up forgetting what I wrote previously. So I go back and read everything all over again.

So today I did some revisions on Chapter 7. This one did not employ any dual strands of plots so it flowed in from one part to the other. In my other chapters, they mostly shift about on purpose, to jar readers not to forget the other concurrent plot. I learned that from Shakespeare.

The stories are progressing and I'm kinda stuck with how to end the series. I'll think more about it but in the meantime, here's a song that I used in Chapter 7 that I really want to share with the readers.

It's a Korean song; doesn't matter if you don't understand the language for neither did I. It is the piano piece and the voice that captivated me. Songs are universal in that way.

Park Hyo Shin has a really nice voice and I'd shag him if he wasn't so far away in Korea and inaccessible to the lay woman. LOL. But yeah, I have a weakness for long haired guys, regardless of their ethnicity. I think this partiality shows up in my writings; men always have long hair, be it shoulder length or longer. Maybe that's a kind of fetish?

I think it's the influence of all the Japanese manga and anime... you see all these male characters having long hair and feminine features and to me- that's kinda hot.

Oh a random note: The inspiration for Eian and Fiona were based on two of my favourite characters:

I know Sesshoumaru is a dog demon... but dogs and wolves are still the same thing to me. They're both cuddly and lovable. I did work as a zookeeper once during my school holidays and perhaps it was fate for I was assigned to the Maned Wolf exhibit. Sure I cleaned shit and all that but it was nice to be really up close and personal to the animal. The head keeper had the privilege of raising a puma cub till she was about 2-3 years old and that huge animal allows her to cuddle it like it was some kitten!

Right... so back to the characters. So Rin, the human girl, was sort of adopted by Sesshoumaru here. She doesn't grow up though in the anime but it would be nice to see that she does because of how she managed to melt his really cold heart.

Anyway, for any of you wondering how intense Eian's eyes are, here's a picture I used to imagine it.

I doubt if anybody actually has eyes of this colour but that's all in the charm of writing fiction =)

Alright, a last note before I go back to writing:

Someone commented that I use awkward phrases and unnatural sentences as though I am a non-native speaker writing the stories. Well... that's a very interesting observation. I must say I am insulted seeing that English is my first language and I am writing at a graduate level. However, I do agree that I need an editor. I've sent out some requests so hopefully someone will get back to me.

I re-read some of my works and realise that because of my forays into foreign languages, I do carry forward sentence structures and phrasing from one language to another unconsciously.

I do sincerely apologize for that. Hopefully my editor can help me sniff out these structural problems.


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  1. hmmm i do not realise it bout the point of view of the writers, like you said, to be a problem per se in your story, hopefuly never. so far i was thinking thay you were a male writer. The way you wrote down Dominic's character, such a caveman acts hmmmm yummy lol.