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To Love a Were- Characters

As of now, I've already completed up to Chapter 9 so I'm slowly posting them up on LitE every 3-4 days or 1 week max.

To Love a Were was quite a challenge because unlike The Hunters, I felt that I had to focus on more male protagonists and imbibe them with characteristics that would set them apart. A problem I found about women writing from a male's perspective is an unconscious effort to emote them according to how women would want their men to feel. This was something I picked up from Nora Roberts especially in her initial writings.

Yet writing fiction is something amazing because of how one as an author is given liberty to create a world from scratch; infuse characters with whatever qualities they like and to mould them respectively.

So in our story we have the following characters:

Keiran/Eian MacFarlane: The Alpha of the pack and the main protagonist. He has a nobility status of a Duke but prefers to live simply. In later chapters you'll find out why but basically if you've lived for centuries and witnessed so much war and death, you'd probably want a quiet life eventually.

Fiona Culzean/MacFarlane: I'd say she's the main female protagonist and I absolutely love her character. I had thought a lot, albeit writing 3 drafts on how I should move the story from her current age to an older age. The initial [unwritten] story was to age her naturally and have her move away to study and come back but by doing so, I'd literally throw her out of the plot line and end up writing solely on the concurrent romance of the supporting characters.
So I chose to 'help' her grow up with the Awakening process. Because this is fiction, anything is possible... and being a Vampire, it doubles the possibility as well. I found this a better way of keeping her within the story without fast-forwarding real time too much.

Dominic MacFarlane: Dominic's the top Beta in the pack and he is a total flirt and drama king. As Eian would say, Dominic would answer the call of any bitch in heat. Dominic would fall sick in the initial period of courting Sydney because he has never faced rejection before and like I said, he's dramatic so he'd rather fall sick than admit she's his mate. But eventually, he does and his character gets tamed slightly.

Sydney Sandilands: She's a young marketing director who is very intelligent, sharp and efficient. She's used to having men around her but eventually succumbs to Dominic when she realised that he wasn't really out to use her or play around with her. She will also become a useful and close friend for Fiona as the latter tries to get used to being a woman.

Pearl MacFarlane: Pearl is Dominic's sister. In the initial chapters, we see Pearl as a pregnant woman. She can change her emotions without warning and very dramatic just like her brother. She nags at him a lot and I suppose she's like Dominic's surrogate mother. She will later have three babies- 2 girls and a boy.

Micheal MacFarlane/Big Mike: Mike is Pearl's husband and Dominic's brother-in-law. If any of you have ever listened to Ahmir on Youtube, you'll see the real Big Mike whom I modeled this character on. He's a really nice teddy-bear like person who puts his dramatic wife in line. He's first introduced as being on an assignment set by Eian and later he picks Sydney up from her house to bring her to the compound. I know I haven't really explained his job but I suppose he's kinda like the guy who handles matters relating to human exposure to werewolves.

Amber MacFarlane: She's the Head Doctor at the medical centre that specializes in the care of Weres. It's a pity that I haven't had much chance to develop her character yet but we'll see. She's mostly seen as initially wanting to mate with Eian but he refused her at every turn.

The Culzean: Culzean is pronounced as Cullen. The Culzeans hold the title of Lord and therefore, Fiona is granted the title of Lady when she was adopted into the family. I've explained in Chapter 4 about the peerage system that I'm using. Wiki's a good basic search engine if you want to know more.  =)

Aramis Culzean: He's the ancient Pureblood who takes Fiona in and decides to Awaken her, against Eian's wishes. It is later revealed that he desires for a female in his bloodline and takes this opportunity to do so. At the same time, he recognizes that Fiona is special to Eian and he does not wish for his friend to wait any longer for a companion. I will talk about the history of Aramis and Eian in later chapters but for now, it is enough to know that they are very good friends although Aramis is very much older than Eian.

Alaron Culzean: Alaron is Fiona's Sire by accident. Initially, I did not want to give him much of a plot line but afterwards, I found it useful to have him a love rival. Heh heh. Alaron is very hot headed and has no respect for authority but somehow Fiona seems to be his weakness. He's not remorseful for what he did to her family even though he knew that it hurt her a lot. I suppose Alaron went berserk when he found his human mother killed and raped by some human men and sought out revenge over them. Still in bloodlust, he seemed to attack the next available human within his range and that happened to be Fiona's family.

Draven Culzean: Draven is a Vampire that is always deep in thoughts and prefers to keep to himself. He has an uncanny ability to read minds of those within a few feet of him and has the ability to erase memories as well. He is also an intelligent researcher who tries to come up with a way to make blood more portable for Vampires in later chapters.

Did I leave anyone out? So that's a gist of the characters.Do let me know if you think that I should proceed with a new thread with any of the characters or if there's any improvement that you'd like to see in any one of them. =)


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