Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tentative Musings

I was watching White Collar a while ago and suddenly an idea came up to me so I'm furiously typing it down before the flame extinguishes.

So as usual, before authors write their stories, they have to find a name right? And boy am I always bias towards certain names starting with certain letters. Thus, I decided to use a random name generator. This is the one I'm using now:

And here's the first 10 random names it came up with:

1.   Mallory Vandegrift
2.   Odessa Garrard
3.   Esmeralda Varnadoe
4.   Earnestine Kaneshiro
5.   Malinda Retana
6.   Elinor Kazee
7.   Benita Suire
8.   Tabatha Robie
9.   Julianne Braaten
10.   Milagros Goslin

I must say the names are quite interesting. Let's see how the men fare:

1.   CLAYTON Sampsell
2.   GUY Ocheltree
3.   JAMIE Record
4.   HUGH Jennette
5.   DARRYL Wiechmann
6.   ERIK Cozad
7.   LONNIE Rainville
8.   ALLAN Buscher
9.   ERIK Minelli
10. TED Chapple

Mmmm, not as impressive but Clayton and Mallory it is. Ocheltree is a nice last name though. Not sure if it's a good name for a pack though. Okay I shall write a draft and put it up soon. 

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