Monday, April 27, 2015

Taming an Immortal (Chap 1 and 2) trailer

I am really happy I started writing on this new story. I'm in love with the characters and world building just allowed the ideas to flow!

I initially wrote another modern paranormal romance to replace WCTM but when this muse struck, I've been honestly writing continuously every single day for the past 2 weeks! Am now at Chapter 7 (36,000 words) and Chapters 1 and 2 have already been submitted and pending approval.

Similar to how To Love a Were started, this story was also inspired by the relationship between Sesshomaru and Rin from the anime Inuyasha. I would say this is a kind of post-canon story based on the circumstances of the two characters but placed in my own world with new characters and challenges. The anime doesn't proceed with Rin aging nor does it explore the relationship between them but I feel that a story should have been written about them! And thus Taming an Immortal was born.

I have changed the characters' names of course so if you know the anime, you'll be able to roughly guess who is who. But if you've never watch it, that's brilliant, because you can just follow the story from scratch. I am obsessed with our hero. I think the cold distant, unyielding kind of man always turns me on, that's why I love writing about them.

I'm really excited to finish writing the full story and I'm also looking forward to hearing from you! So as always, a short trailer from the two chapters coming up soon on Lit!

He didn’t recognise her at first.

Where her hair had been jagged and cropped short as a child, it now flowed straight and silky down her shoulders to the small of her waist. She was so much taller now!

But her brown eyes were just as wide and curious as she inspected him. Etienne had no need for her approval but he kept still, allowing her eyes to trail along his body before resting on his face.
No one dared hold his gaze for that long. But for Rose, it was an exception.

“Hello Rose.”

The human girl –no, woman, made no move to welcome him in. She had to be in shock.

“Rose, can I come in… please?” He moved closer, rubbing his knuckles lightly against her cheek. It was something he had always done to appease her as a child when she was in a feisty mood.
Pulling away, she took a step back and bowed slightly.

“Yes…. I will get Kirke for you.”

He watched as his Rose turned to run up the stairs to look for her guardian. Had it been that long? Gone were the chubby cheeks of the girl that he left, the awkward stumbling teenager swimming in her clothes.

This was a woman whose body was ripe for bearing children – just like that of the vendor’s wife. He had not scented a child in Rose and it had pleased him to know she was still pure. He would not have allowed that to happen without his permission.

“My Lord!” Kirke hobbled down the stairs; her hands busily twisting the greying bun on top of her head. “It is so good to see you. Would you like some tea?”

“Rose will do it,” he said, watching the young woman’s eyes light up with an emotion he was not used to seeing. Rose was always happy or scared and sometimes playful but the look that crossed her eyes were of another kind altogether.

“I am surprised she barely said a word,” said Kirke, watching as Rose dashed into the kitchen.
“Has she been troublesome to you?”

“No, never! She is an obedient child.” The old woman bit her lips slightly. “Although I must say that I am glad you are here to take her away.”

The finality in her voice made him raise an eyebrow inquiringly. “What makes you think I am here for that?”

Cool grey eyes met his. “Are you not then?”

Etienne tried not to take offence at the challenging tone of her voice. If not for the fact that she had cared for his Rose for seven years, he might have swiped her down for her insolence.

“The choice will be up to her,” he said matter-of-factly. “It is not my wish to impose on her, her right to have a family… or choose a human mate.”

Kirke looked like she was hiding a laugh as Rose walked in with a teapot and some cups. “Of course my Lord.”  

Etienne said nothing. He allowed Rose to pour tea for Kirke and himself before pushing an empty cup towards her.

She pushed it back.

“I must refuse my Lord. I am needed somewhere else.” Turning to Kirke, she pressed a kiss on the old woman’s cheeks. “I’ll be back with lunch!”

“Rose!” He knew she heard him but his little human ward flicked a warning look at him before running off.

“There was no need for her to procure provisions,” he said flatly. “I have ordered Keiko to see to that.”

The old Priestess smiled, the joke too much for her to handle. “I believe she is exercising her choice my Lord.” Kirke dared to laugh. “I believe it is what young lovers –”

He was out of the house faster than her next breath. He did not wish to hear the words coming out of Kirke’s mouth! Rose was out to meet a lover? How dare she!

Like a predator on a hunt, he tracked Rose’s scent towards the village centre with vengeance, annoyed that he lost her to the intermingling of human scents swirling in the air. The Rose he knew would have had jumped at him, burrowed her tiny head into his sash and armour in happiness. But this woman… this human had looked at him straight in the eyes and basically told him to fuck off.

Damn that girl! Where could she be? Scanning the chaos in front of him, Etienne tried to sieve through the scents to zero in on the subtle hints of Rose when a high pitched voice interrupted his concentration.

“Master? You are still here?” Keiko dropped a bag of provisions at the front of his feet.

“I seem to have lost Rose.” Looking down at the overflowing potatoes and onions, he frowned. “Keiko, leave those here and bring Rose to me,” he ordered, leaving the confused Noble flustering over his purchase.

Etienne continued along a path bearing traces of Rose’s scent, pausing a second in front of a shop.
She had stopped here.

The bell on top of the door clanged in announcement of his entrance. A quick scan revealed no Rose but a couple of terrorised human and a p√Ętissier that was about to faint at the sight of him.
“Did a human by the name of Rose pass by here?” Nods were his only answer with a meek finger pointing in the opposite direction.

It had taken him five more steps before her scent consumed him. It was one that he remembered – of flowers and laughter. That was when he spotted them.

A human male had his hand resting on her knee.

“You obviously do not cherish your limbs, young man.” His voice boomed over the giggling duo – one looking extremely livid while the other smiled and continued nibbling at the pastry in her hand.

“Lord Etienne!” The young man pulled his hands hastily, bringing his body to a bow.

“Who are you and what are you doing with my Rose?” Etienne kept her voice level, not wanting to scare Rose.

“Cha… Cha… Charlie my Lord! We… we are friends!” He was halfway into apologising when Rose stood up and simply walked away, licking the honey coating her fingers.

The sight of her plump lips making contact with the innocent syrup had him shuddering slightly on the inside. Ridiculous!

But Etienne allowed her to leave – making sure she had turned into the corner before elongating his fangs into a snarl; his face inches away from the human.

“You smell of her.” He grabbed a fistful of Charlie’s shirt.

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