Saturday, May 2, 2015

Taming an Immortal updates

I'm very happy with the progress of the chapters so far. Am starting Chapter 9 today and re-editing chapter 4, so that should be within the week.

I've had great comments - mainly from Inuyasha fans but I have to say that even if you're not a fan, I think I've done a decent job of giving enough back story for you to appreciate the plot - which on its own has nothing to do with the anime.

As I go along, I see the subplots coming together for possible future continuation of the story, so if you have any favourite characters you'd like me to write about, please do write to me!

But for now, if you haven't guessed already who the characters are based on, here's a picture that I've blown up in my study room to inspire me. (Credits and thank you to the original artist for this!)

It's not a romantic picture per se but you can see the undercurrents in their face and the way they stand close, yet apart. His eyes are softened; almost sad when he looks at her while she has this hopeful look that is laced with sorrow. And yet, these are the only two in the world who accept each other as they are - she, the cast away orphan and him, the much feared demon lord (or in Totosai's words - evil incarnate).

It is the essence of their relationship. So poignant.


Okay I'm off to finish Chapter 9!

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