Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Taming an Immortal Ch 6 teasers

Chapter 5 is out and I've started editing Chapter 6 -one of my favourite chapters in this entire story - which you will find out when it's out!

And because I am evil, here is just a sneak of our protagonists' development. It's getting very difficult for me to keep Etienne in character but I think these small episodes where he loses control of his emotions are very poignant especially when it is only meant for Rose. :)

Chapter 6 should be up by this weekend!


Tonight, he had worn a robe of pure black silk; the contrast bringing out the silvery shine of his hair as they swayed in the soft breeze of the night. Rose reached out to catch a handful of his strands and watched as they slipped past her fingers.

“We will have another visitor in the morning,” he said, stopping to allow Rose better access to his hair. She knew this was the one privilege she had – the right to touch and play with a Pureblood’s status symbol as she wished.

“What is her name?”

“I do not care for that,” he admitted, looking down at her face. “What would you like me to do with her?”

Another concession. What was wrong with him? Didn’t he realise that this was not a choice she had to make?

“As you please my Lord,” she replied, biting back the rising anger in her voice.

Lord Etienne remained silent, continuing to walk in the darkness with her at his side. It was only when they reached his bonsai garden did he stop to look at her again.

“This cherry tree is very special to me.” He pointed to a tall blossoming tree surrounded by various shapes of bonsai. “My father and I planted the seed of this tree when I was four. It bloomed every year until the day he left this castle.”

His hands held her face gently, rubbing at her cheeks with his fingers. “I haven’t seen it bloom since, but yesterday I found this.” He took a small pink flower from his pocket and tucked it behind her ear.
Rose turned her face into his hand, leaning into the warmth of his body. How many more stolen moments like these did she have left?

“Look at me Rose,” he ordered; a finger tilting her chin to face him. “I will ask you one more time. What would you like me to do with her?”

“What I say shouldn’t matter my Lord… after all, I am only human and I have no right to counsel you.”

Bringing his lips to an inch away from hers, his throat growled low, almost into a purr. “What do you think you are to me then? A pet?”

Clenching her fist tight, she thumped them against his chest in anger. “It doesn’t matter! You know this won’t go anywhere. It cannot! You are a Pureblood Lord and I am a peasant girl. Even if you love me, mate me, raise a child with me, we both know that it is temporary. I will age and die and then you will mar–”

Her words died against the brutal onslaught of his kiss. His hands cradled her face tight, angling it to give his tongue more access to her mouth to draw hers out in a furious dance. Rose gave a hard shove, nails scratching him as she fought against his strong hold; but Lord Etienne was too strong.
When her body grew limp against his, he simply grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his body.

The sudden move caught her by surprise and Rose pulled away from the kiss; instinctively holding on to his neck for dear life, falling perfectly into his trap. Without warning, he pushed off from the ground, leaping up to the nearest branch above them and then higher and higher until they were under the stars.

“Why are we here?” she demanded, looking all the way down.

“I didn’t want to be disturbed.” His silvery eyes twinkled in the dark. “Here under the stars, is more…suitable for you than the mundane sheets.”

Rose found herself smiling despite being angry at him. That was as romantic as Lord Etienne could get.

“And what does my Lord have in mind?” 

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