Sunday, July 19, 2015

Taming an Immortal Ch 13 teaser

So the penultimate chapter to the story. For those of you wondering, yes there is a sequel planned in my head because the ending that I have written for TAM is not completely wholesome in the typical Happily Ever After. I think it is satisfactory though not satisfying.

Hah, or maybe I just want you guys hooked onto my writings!

Anyway, enough rambling. I've just submitted TAM ch 13 on Lit and so it will be up in 72 hours. And so, here is a short peek at my favourite scene in the chapter:

Wind Eternal was already out of its sheath even before he landed beside her; the blade pressed precisely against the beating artery at his neck. She had moved so fast, it totally caught him off guard.

“You dare approach me in my private chambers?” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper meant for his ears only.

“You wouldn’t speak to me otherwise Rose.”

Etienne wanted to touch her but stayed rooted in place – only his eyes daring to look at her.

Since when did her eyes start to have that ring of gold around the iris? It had to be a trick of the light but Rose, despite her pregnancy, looked nothing like a sick matronly woman. Her lithe body betrayed nothing of the growing child inside her and by her heightened speed and senses, Etienne had a feeling that his Rose was no longer fully human.

It was as if she and the baby had a symbiotic relationship; the Halfling feeding his mother with his strength, almost in a fight to survive. He didn’t know if it was temporary for the duration of the pregnancy or a permanent feature but Etienne knew this Rose was no longer one who would play by his rules.

“There is nothing to talk about.” However, she lowered her sword but kept him at arm’s length.

“You should know never to raise my own fang against me,” he laughed.  Fast as she may be, he was still faster, disarming her in a heartbeat; her body twisted such that her back was pressed against his front.

“Why do you fight me Rose?” he whispered against her ear.

Her struggling stopped and she stilled completely. “What do you want, Lord Etienne of the West?”

God, she smelled heavenly even under the layers of all the men who had dared to paw her. Wasn’t his mark and the scent of his child so clear on her to hint to them to back off? Call it selfish, but this woman was his and he’d be damned if he allowed anyone else to claim otherwise.

“You don’t have those rights anymore my Lord. Perhaps you should unhand me.”


The corners of her lips twisted into a smirk. “Every male in this castle will be here in a matter of seconds – all I need to do is scream help.”

“Then I will put them down.”

“No! You will not touch them. Not on my lands Lord Arceneaux.”

Ramming her elbow backwards into his ribs, Etienne let out a sharp exhale before loosening his grip. He wanted so badly to pull her backwards but chose instead to let her go. Eyes downcast, Etienne found himself staring at the silver band around his wrists.

“You should have had a matching one,” he whispered regretfully, raising his eyes to capture her gaze.

When the words came out, they were spoken in his native tongue – soft chants as his eyes gently roamed from her face down her body to rest at her stomach.


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