Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Taming an Immortal updates

I've written the full skeleton for Chapters 13 and 14 with a small epilogue at the end. Phew.
Wrapped that one up really nicely and I think the ending will be satisfactory for everyone, although it does allow for a sequel to be written!

But now the problem is actually fleshing out the skeleton. I'm actually surprised to see that the story has taken almost 3 months to write (feels like I've been writing everyday!) and I think it will conclude nicely by early August.

Just two more chapters everyone! I'm only halfway through Chapter 13 so lets see if I can finish the draft some time this weekend or mid next week. That would mean it'll be up on Lit say on the 25th or 26th July.

After that, let's see to work on the Wolf's call to the Moon a bit and maybe toy with a possibility for a sequel to TAM!

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