Sunday, April 10, 2011


Okay I need three things:

1) A name for a male character. Doesn't have to be too unique. The character's an ambivalent bad/good guy at this moment but let's say you need to give Eric Dane another name, what would it be? Lol.
[That's a picture of him by the way.]

2) A title for the sequel. I know some of you read the draft right? Any ideas?

3) A location for the sequel's setting. I was discussing with my editor about possible locations in US. I wanted a place that a lawyer would consider a great place for career building but at the same time, the city/state needs to have lots of forests and natural landscape.

I thought of Boston and she suggested Denver. I've never been to America before so I'm not sure where is a good place. So my dear American readers, any suggestions?


  1. Okay, here you go:

    1) Stathi Eos. (He looks like a Stathi, and Eos is the Greek Titan of dawn)

    2) Beyond the Wolf's Den. (Keeping with the same theme(ish)

    3) Tampa/Miami, Florida (Know nothing about Yankyland, but I have cousins there, and they actually do spend most of their time hunting in the bush)

    An avid fan's ideas...

  2. hmmm names Alexander, Thomas, Devlin (oddly enough i always tend to read this one as Devil *grins*)

    i like the previous comment of maybe referring to a god or maybe a character treat with the surname. doesn't have to be existing one, just a translation (i tend to go with irish ones : whelan = wolf in irish)

    tittle : pushing boundaries
    knowing the two siblings are far away from their home territory and know he had to push just a little to get away from his sisters

  3. I like Mokkelke's Whelan, or Fáelán, MacDougall (Scottish, Gaelic for dark stranger . . . Irish = McDougall) seems like a good surname.

    New York seem like a great setting, with woodlands withing a couple of hours, and parks still prevelant in the cities.

    For the title, I agree - again - with Mokkelke, since the previous stories were set in Europe and this set in the US, Crossing Boundries, Shifting Boundries, Pushing Boundries or something like that would definitely set the tone.

  4. 1) Jie, Mcsteamy is too hot to be renamed. lol. So Eos sounds like a good choice as a surname but those gaelic surnames sound nice too! . First names,I'd go with Riley, Mikhail, Etienne?

    2)I'd go with something boundaries- yupp I think you've got a bit of choice there

    3) I KNOW why you chose Boston! It's HLS right? But the wider state of Massachusetts is not a bad place. Go wiki it. Also check their old growth forests- really good for Alex's running scenes. But California's also great! It's not just sunny beaches you know... plus our fav patrick jane stars down there.

  5. Atlanta is perfect. Hip and diverse with a vibrant business community. The city is also very spread out with trees everywhere and most commute from more rural areas. Great party city too - perfect for young professionals or students.

  6. I'd say Salt Lake City, Utah. There are huge National forests near by. If it wasn't for the career building Lawyer part I would have said Boise, Idaho


  7. Lost of major cities in the us would work for what you want. You need to decide what type of climate you want and how diverse you want the area to be to narrow it down.

  8. 1) not good with names but like the feel behind any of the ones mentioned
    2) take the lead from some of the others, but just one simple word. "Boundaries"-- short and right to the point.
    3) Given the wolf and vampire themes I've been reading, you want some place secluded but still around some activity. Go with a wooded mountain area with local charm. Being a southerner in the states, may I suggest around the Alabama/Tennessee area. Plenty of nature areas to run and hid in, while still staying within a few hours drive of major cities.

    But a good spot for a new bad guy could be around the Louisiana Bayou area. As there is an old french influence around that area, it could introduce a darker background to the persona.

  9. Names Hmm maybe Micheal, Joesph, Nolan or Grayson

    Name I like "Boundaries" or "Always" "Fated Path"

    Location; I think maybe Southern states father South more open land and woods still. Or the midwest.

    All these comments that have been given are great ideas and cant wait to see what you end up with ;)

  10. The name depends on who the character is. How old is he?

    For title I think something with the word "legacy"would be fitting. Can't quite find it though.

    I've been to Atlanta and I think it would fit. New Orleans is another good choice.

  11. how about duncan for a name...

    tittle :clueless !

    place : los angeles seems perfect to me.....

  12. name: aiden
    title: ?
    location: san francisco/bay area as there are several woods/parks nearby. new orleans would work, but many paranormal authors already base their stories there due to its voodoo/anne rice influence.

  13. Wow... I wake up and see so many comments! So here are my thoughts so far:

    1) I'm taking the Eos surname but I'm still thinking about the first name. The guy's about 30.

    2) Okay, Pushing Boundaries it is! I liked the Beyond the Wolf's Den but Marine technically doesn't belong to the compound coz her parents are both Vampires. Plus we're dealing with the hybrids now so gotta have a neutral name. Pushing boundaries is also an apt name -I'll say more when I start putting the first chapter teasers.

    3) Okay... I'm STILL thinking of the location. I am leaning towards LA California but it's still tentative. The climate should not be too hot coz wolves have thick fur so temperate forests to cold mountainous areas are preferable. Yes, initially I did choose Idaho as mentioned in the draft and I may still stick with it.

    I'm just thinking if I were Alex, a hotshot lawyer, which state would I go? Then everything else is secondary. I'd even run up stairs if there are no forests. Lol.

  14. i say denver or what about portland, Oregon?

  15. Do you like Logan, Ryan, Marcus or Damien?

  16. Anton for the name.
    as to possible location: forget US, stay in EU (go to baltic countries, northern Europe) :)

  17. Location!

    I always vote Los Angeles! Can't blame the LA native! Yes it is rather warm, but it's only a drive away from the mountains.

    The middle states that you stated and that were suggested are great in terms of landscape... but seriously... no sensible hotshot lawyer would pick lame nowhere land America (Idaho)

    Los Angeles is great for being a lawyer. People are always suing each other. It's normal. And there is also a ton of crime and scandal that a lawyer can only dream of.

    You can also go with San Francisco. Even more forests up there! Yosemite and all! Plus it's just as scandalous as Los Angeles.

    Portland or Seattle would be good too. But it would definitely be calmer than LA/SF.

  18. Also,

    You should know that Idaho isn't a really good school for law. (I've heard it called University of Potatoes as one point)

    But if you do go with Los Angeles, USC (University of Southern California) has a pretty damn good law program. Plus it located downtown.

    If you go SF... I'd say Berkeley or Stanford. They are two of the most respected schools in the US.

    Berkeley is more liberal in ideals while Stanford is slightly conservative. I know Berkeley is a beautiful campus. Tons of trails/forest/outdoorsy things. Not so sure about Stanford but I think it's the same story.

    Hope this helps!