Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Next Generation

Okay, I was really really stressed out today and my fingers itched to write but since I just finished chapter 9 and 10, I decided to give Into The Vampire's Lair a break. Instead, I began thinking about the pups and lo and behold... I came up with this:


Alex was ten years old and he hated to play tea parties with his sisters and their silly girlfriends. Why oh why had Aunt Sydney and Aunt Fiona both had girls?
“Come on Alex, stop being such a baby,” said his eldest sister Clara. Alex pursed his lips as an answer. That was another thing he didn’t understand. Why was it being born ten minutes after Clara and three minutes after Mira meant he was the youngest? They were all ten years old and he was much much bigger than both his sisters!
“But you’re still a baby. You carry that stuffed panda everywhere.” Alex turned towards the voice and shot out a chilled look –one that he had learned from Uncle Alaron.
“You shouldn’t be reading people’s minds. It’s rude,” he stuck out his tongue and hugged his panda closer.
The blonde girl with sharp green eyes simply shrugged.
“Just ignore him Keona. It’s a girls party anyway,” said a strawberry blonde girl.
“Faith! You’re supposed to be my cousin. You can’t side with her!” said Alex in exasperation. Faith was Uncle Dominic’s and Aunt Sydney’s daughter and by blood relation alone should have been in his camp.
But before she could reply, the door opened and two more girls came shrieking in, jumping on the beds with glee. Alex wrinkled his nose in disapproval. Girls shouldn’t behave like that.
“Oh, I’m sure you know all about girls, Alex,” sniggered one of the new addition to the group. This one was called Naira and her giggling cousin was called Marine. The two of them often came to visit to play with Keona, their other cousin. Alex didn’t mind Marine; she was nice for a Vampire but he hated the other two to the guts. They were younger than him by three years but he got bullied by them all the time.
Almost on cue, Naira bobbed towards him and peered at his face with her big blue eyes -eyes she inherited from her mother. It winked at him as wolf eyes usually do but Alex didn’t like it one bit… even if her mother was the one who’d always patch him up when he was injured.  
“Papa won’t like hearing you say such things,” warned Keona unapologetically. Alex snarled at her for he knew she was reading his mind… again. Alpha pup or not, Alex stuck out his tongue at her.
 Alex was ten and he hated girls.
 Awww....  Isn't that just soooooo cute? It's just a thought playing around in my head coz ITVL's going to be wrapped up soon. =)

Of course the children are going to grow up first before anything happens. I do have some ideas on how to develop this and I can't believe my brain still had a sliver of imagination left after 12 hours of sitting at my desk doing my assignments and marking papers. Lol.

Should I work on it? 


  1. hmmm...

    Draven and Amber - Naira parents?
    Alaron and Erika - Marine parents?

    I think I'm going to love a new series as much as I love the rest!! Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out. But I like most want chapters 9 and 10 first!

  2. Looking forward to the next generation. It will be interesting to see them grow.

  3. look forward to the rest of ITVL but sooooo! Going to love Alex's story and all them there girls. LOL Keep it up I'm hooked.

  4. Awww I am all about a next generation story and to know they are the babies of my fav couples makes it even better to want to read! I have ther temptations ready and will for ya if that helps cookies, cake turnovers :)

  5. you're going to have a lot on your hands with all those siblings and over protective dad's hahaha