Friday, April 22, 2011

Understanding ITVL Chapter 12 and 13

This is extra information to complement your understanding of key events in the ending chapters. I've put it here because explaining it on the 'NB' section at the start of my stories will take too much space.

1) Why is Alaron given the ability to 'heal' wounds?

Alaron’s my favourite character by the way, that’s why he’s such a pain. However, throughout the two series, I have been building up towards a revelation of his abilities [although I wasn't sure if there was a need to explicitly say so at first] But here are some of the parts which you may or may not have picked up.

In TLAW Ch 5, I mentioned something about Alaron teaching Fiona how to heal wounds
Then in ITVL Ch 2, during the fight with Draven in the bookstore, Alaron doesn’t sustain any injury while Draven is bloodied.
Then of course there's the lineage part explained in ITVL Ch 10-11 that Aramis actually has an ability which means that Alaron has one too which needs to be awakened. 

By the way, I referred to Alaron's eyes as looking like tiger-eye stone right? It looks like this:

The reason why I choose this particular stone is because of it's association with healing and chakra properties. Go look it up if you're interested. I found myself thrilled to read about it. Well, plus Avatar Aang helped too.

2) So where does Alaron healing Amber come into play? Vampires can't heal Weres -especially not mental wounds right?

Mostly Alaron can only heal himself but in TLAW Ch 10 Amber bit him so you can say that she’s part of him and yes, he will be the one to heal her. Initially I had planned to let them get together but then Draven was a much more promising character... plus, without him, I wouldn't be able to put in all the complications and heartache of ITVL eh? Hehe. As a reader mentioned -Vampire soap opera.

3) Who is Aiden?

You may like to refer to the Vampire Council structure at the tab above. Under the Elder board, there are two permanent Elders -one is Leon and the other, revealed in Ch 12, is Aiden. They aren't Purebloods but Nobles and this is important because as I've mentioned somewhere, the Purebloods are a dying breed. It's bad enough they're marrying humans... now they're gonna have hybrid babies? Okay so the Council splits into two camps [oops]

A very kind reader sent me a feedback once to say that I should tie this in with the Hunters and yes, I think it is apt at this point to do so. Thus Aiden, if you recall is one of the three Vampires present in the Order ruling the Hunters. The other two are Caden and Connor who are Purebloods. Also Josephine's seemingly unconnected vision is a form of foreshadowing... but I'd let you guys guess that one out.


  1. Hmmm... someone mentioned you tie in the hunters? Now can I take that claim, since I mention it about Draven using the research to help Fiona conceive? I'll find some way to send chocolate to you from the states if that helps my claim!

  2. Lol! Taking claims already? But I think you're right, it must have been you! [until someone else disputes this] Hehehe.