Sunday, May 29, 2011

Author spotlight

Today I didn't do much except to read. Catching up with my favourite authors on Lit and also finding new ones. However today I just want to make mention of two.

Mickay and Alecrire. [click on their names to go to their submission page]

You know how sometimes when you read something and you go -holy holy crap this is freaking amazing?! Yeah, that's how I feel when I read these two authors' work. Maybe I'm so used to the whole Were/Vamp thing that I get blown away when something new and fresh appears before me.

Mickay: I'm not sure if the author is a male or female but I'm just going to assume its a 'he'. If I'm wrong, do correct me. When I first read his story I was like... "Oh, this is going to be another one about Vampires... but then Gabriel the hottie caught my attention and I begin to plough through his entire series; heart pounding with excitement.

Lol, the last time I felt this was when I read Jaz's The Council and Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling.

And guess what? He's moving to Australia! I mean his story. He's having an Australian Court soon and I'm super duper excited! What I liked about his story is how he explained the existence of Vampires as the Third Creation; the First being Angels and the Second being Man. That and his world building makes you really feel like you're part of his world.

Next is Alecrire. Now, I discovered this author by accident because I saw he commented on ITVL epilogue. The thing is, I usually am familiar with all my commentators so when I see someone new, I usually click on their names and check out their work. Most of them didn't have but he did.

Now his world building is amazing. Unlike Mickay, his is not about Vampires and nothing about Werewolves but about Angels and Valkyries. At that time, I saw he only had one story so I thought -why not give it a read and thank him for reading mine? And of course now I want an Archangel of my own please.

What I liked about his story is that his angels aren't fallen beings; there are no religious connotations to it and he describes these angels in ways that I'd never thought of. We always think of angels as having white wings and all that... but well, go read and find out how he does it.


I'm sorry. I'm too floored to do any actual writing now. I've just read the last three chapters of Mickay, the first three chapters of Alecrire, caught up with Mokkelke's SIW and looked through Donalde's blog. Oh god... I haven't even started on Pepperpace's Beast yet. *roar*

Okay readers, your author has writing blues right now. Lol. If you're looking for something fresh to read while waiting for the others to submit new ones (me included), go check these two out. =)


  1. tssk tsssk i should paddle you. from how i interpret it this you read European court before american one? no wonder you get intrigued by gabriel, been following this tale for quite awhile, tho he/she isn't regular they are consistent with updating.

    i'll be checking out the other writer :)

  2. agree with her on this one.. i read mickay a while back waiting for.. pushing boundaries ( go figure).. it is a series that draws you in. guess i'll have to check out the other as well and see what it is like.
    glad your taken it easy though and relaxing with your family and catching up on the reading is nice also.

  3. Mickey is a her and I am looking forward to reading New Kingdom Australian Court.Loved all her saga and you really need to start with the American court.