Sunday, May 15, 2011

Musical Companions

I found this chilling piano piece by Greg Maroney on youtube a while ago and thought I'd share it here. This is entitled Breathe.

Such soothing music is really wonderful to listen to when you're trying to study. There's another song that I particularly like to listen to and for the Canadians out there, I think you might recognize this song as part of the Air Canada commercial. It's El Vuelo by Hughes De Courson.

Interestingly while the title means 'the flight' in Spanish, I don't think the song is. But I usually just make up the lyrics when I listen to it. Hehe. 

Anyway, these songs make me wanna dance; sway and move together with the music... kinda like water. 

Not sure how many of you were schlepped into ballet lessons when you were young but me and my sister were. Actually I tried to rebel out of the tutus (which I did at the age of 10) but surprisingly, I took up dancing again when I went to junior college (senior high is it?). I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with jazz-lyrical but that's what I can do. Seph calls it rubbish dancing but its alot harder than it looks. Alot of the basics are grounded in ballet but it's much much more energetic. Plus you can dance it to modern songs. Like the video below. It's a great example. Can't tell you how I wish I could do a choreography like that!

Aren't they just amazing? Okay now I can't study after watching that.

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  1. Hey hey! I didn't say it was rubbish dancing! I just said it can't be put to good use in clubs. =p

    Plus the dancers look like they're having sex on the stage- which is hot of course but weird when my own sister's doing it. heeeheee.

    Anyway, I think you can do this choreo. I've seen you do those serious body slinging thingie with your hottie partner!