Monday, June 27, 2011

Dominant males in a room

Okay, as sexy as that sounds, writing it out isn't sexy at all! Lol. It is so heart wrenching as I brought back all these characters from the previous stories and then have them try and butt heads. As an author, I really miss them.

So in chapter 7 (which I'm still writing) the pack males (Eian, Draven, Dominic and Mike) come to US to help Alex and Alaron find their missing children. This is of course going to be a problem for Keona coz instead of 1 person she now has to chase down six! We'll see how that goes. So Alex is having a hard time with all the dominant men in the house and his only ally is Erika. Lol. However, I'm keeping the other women out of the story for now but I'm sure a reunion would make things interesting later on.

Okay, that aside, there's this story brewing in my head - just bits and pieces - but it's about a woman who is a possible mate for two Alphas from different packs. I was reading Lynsay Sand's latest book and this conversation came up between two of the Vampires and I thought -hey! that's a good idea! Nothing like a little tussle eh. But we'll see.

I'm sorta on the roll for PB today -not sure why- so I'm going to exploit it to the fullest. Hopefully I can get through at least till page 10 (that's about 1.5 pages on Lit) and continue again tomorrow. I know I promised to get it done over the weekend but I got hauled to see newborn babies and forgot.

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