Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fanfiction - yay or nay? [New story]

I'm sure if you've followed my Taming an Immortal series, you'll know how obsessed I am with Sesshoumaru and Rin.

Yes yes I know they're not real but I think it's the lack of closure in their character development that compelled me to write an ending for them. Plus all that powerful alphaness keeping women at arms length thing is really sexy for me.

So recently, one of my readers from Lit who has also since followed me on Fanfiction, asked if I could do a rework of her story. She posted it years ago on Lit but due to lack of response and her own writing abilities, she's turned the story to me and asked me to use it as a basis to spin a story using Sesshoumaru and Rin of course.

The thing about writing fanfiction is how despite the originality of the story, part of it will always belong to the creator of the characters. And yet, it provides this already available base of readers of whom share certain background knowledge and ideas that you may not necessarily need to explain constantly in your writing. It's just laziness of course ahaha but when you write on fanfiction.net, you're not expecting the same type of reviews and comments as on Lit.

I love Lit, don't get me wrong. You adult readers are honest and always very encouraging. Plus I can't seem to censor myself anymore to write a PG13 story! What is it about sex that is just so... important in a story?

Anyway, I've decided to take on this small task of rewriting the story but unfortunately it cannot be posted on Lit due to copyright guidelines - you're not allowed to collaborate with another author on the site- SO! I've posted a new story on Fanfiction.net called Zodiac of the Shogun, if any of you are interested to read.

Basically, the Shogun has commissioned 12 special pendants to be given to each of his Daimyos (Lords) of the regions. The bearer of the Dog pendant goes to pay the Dragon Lord a visit but finds that he is missing and in his place is the scent of a Rat demon and a human girl. He later discovers that the girl is the daughter of the Dragon Lord, who has now been killed and in order for her to take his place in the house of the Lords, she will have to go through a few test to determine her worthiness of the title.


I must say this has been an interesting endeavour for me. I had to really research on Japanese architecture, forms of speech and basic weaponry and etiquette. Really cool stuff. This will be a completely new field of writing for me but we'll see how it goes.

Doesn't mean I'm putting off Taming an Immortal! Chapter 9 should be out soon and I'm writing Chapter 10 currently. Oh and I have a chestfull of other half written stories - including Wolf's call to the moon which I sooooo need to finish. I think I should just quit my job and write full time for a living.

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