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Into The Vampire's Lair Ch 8 teaser

Alright, so here's the teaser from my unedited Chapter 8. This is a very short excerpt but it's one of my more favourite scenes. Hehe. I will probably post this on Wednesday so it should be up by the weekend. See, I'm so kind.

Once Chapter 8 is up, I will post the full chapter 9 here as well as the 3 different ending for the chapter. =) Haha, so it is a treat for those who see this blog I guess. 

Oh yes, a quick thank you to Mokkelke for advising me on how to clear my head. Hahaha. Now I do feel better to do some writing. 

Oh... and to my anonymous feedbackers... you are so sweet... but I'd like to reply to you too so next time attach your email address too k?  


 [remember that Natasha promised to stick with Amber while Draven went to talk to Aramis.]
He had searched under MacFarlane and found Amber’s office location. He was aware that her first name was registered under something else but he had no doubt that she was the same woman he loves.
Striding down the corridors, he finally reached the offices and trailed after her scent, leading him into a small room that had been labeled with her name on the door.
Get to the Dean’s office and to whoever else in charge of this place and make sure you wipe their memory of ever having her here. You can leave this office as it is but just make sure no one knows I’ve taken her.
Natasha looked up in alarm at Draven then flicked her gaze to Amber who was staring at them in confusion.
She can hear you!
I know. Just go Sasha. I’ll handle this.
Natasha got up from where she was sitting and scuttled away to do as instructed. She had no idea what Draven intended to do but at the moment, she didn’t want to know.
Meanwhile, Amber was staring at Draven with what looked like fear mixed with curiosity. Her body was tensed, her fingers gripping her table until her knuckles went white but her eyes seemed to recognize him and were intrigued.
“Who are you?” she asked softly, watching the way his eyes flickered with pain at her question.
“I’ll explain later. Come,” he replied, moving closer towards her and clasping his hands around her wrist.
“No! I’ll… I’ll scream and… call security!” she squeaked, pulling her hand away and backing towards the window.
Hurt was now evident on Draven’s face as he watched Amber moving away from him. It wasn’t that she didn’t want him for he had caught flashes of her curiosity but her fear of him broke his heart.
I won’t hurt you again… I promise.
Her eyes widened in shock. “Did… did you just speak to me? But… in my head?” she stammered. Draven nodded. “What do you mean by again?”
“Do you trust me?” he asked, offering his hand to her. He kept his gaze gentle and unthreatening even though his heart was pounding with adrenaline, hoping that she would take his hand.
He watched as her natural blonde lashes fluttered against her cheeks when she looked down at his outstretched palm. Draven noted how she seemed to be on fire now that her red hair was in the glow of the sun. She was still beautiful.
She must have heard his thought for her eyes looked up in shock once again at his face before blushing lightly.
“Please don’t be afraid of me. That is the last thing I’d want from you,” he said pleadingly.
Amber’s expression softened slightly at the tenderness in his voice and she placed her palm in his. For a moment, their hands stayed one on top the other, before his fingers curled up over hers reassuringly as though telling her that from that moment on they needn’t be apart anymore.
“Come,” he urged, tugging her hand gently and was grateful that this time, she followed. Taking her bag from the desk, she hurried after him, heels clicking against the concrete pavement before entering his car.
He didn’t say anything to her as he started driving but his tensed demeanor gradually became relaxed the moment they were out of the main city area and driving on the expressway.
She had been alarmed when his hand had reached out to hold hers but she didn’t pull away; his hand was broad and warm, covering her slender fingers effortlessly. Amber was afraid of him but at the same time she found a strange bout of comfort in the way he was touching her.
“What is your name?” she asked, watching him turn to glance at her for a second before looking forward again.
“You don’t remember?” he replied in lieu of an answer.
“I… I would remember if you had told me before won’t I?” her question was uncertain. “I don’t think I would forget such a person like you.”
Draven smiled at her innocent admission. It felt as though they were just getting to know each other all over again and realized how right Eian had been. Mates would always gravitate towards each other, subconsciously or not. However, the woman sitting beside him was certainly not the same woman that he had fallen for in that hospital room but he’ll work on her memories later.
Truth was, Draven had never resurfaced buried memories before. All his life, he had either read them or buried them so deep within one’s subconscious that it was as good as being erased. The erasure of memory was a painful process and the reliving of them would be equally painful, if not more.
He didn’t want to hurt her anymore, so they will take it slowly.
“You can call me Draven. What would you like me to call you?”
He felt the woman stiffen at his question for she was aware that he wasn’t asking what her name was. When someone asked how you’d like them to call you, it denoted some sort of familiarity and intimacy.
“Would you mind if I called you Amber?” he asked casually. “I know your name is Ambrosia but I’d like to imagine you as a precious stone.”
“Okay,” she whispered shyly. “That’s a pretty name too.”
“Yes it is. A pretty name for a beautiful lady.”
Draven smiled when he felt the pulse in her wrist throb faster. God! Just what did Fiona do to his Amber such that she was now behaving like an innocent virgin?
“Where are you taking me?” she asked, pulling her hand gently away from him.
“To my home,” he replied, unaware of the fright registering on her face. It was only when he glanced in her direction that he saw the way her eyes stared at him in desperation. He smiled as reassuringly as he could, “I won’t do anything that you do not want me to Amber… trust me. I will explain everything when we get there.”
I’m scared
Draven didn’t say anything. He noticed that Amber had placed some distance between them and was now pressed closer towards the window. It was difficult for him to accept the fact that she was afraid of him. It made him even more eager to begin resurfacing the memories that had been forced into seclusion.
When they reached the castle, he sensed that she had tensed up. Was it because she remembered coming here during Fiona’s wedding or was she intimidated by its dark and gloomy exterior? Draven guessed it to be the latter. He just hoped that his own quarters on the entire west wing of the castle would not seem too morose for her taste.
“You live here?” she stammered partly in awe and fear. Draven didn’t blame her. Culzean Castle does have that certain gothic Dracula thing going on. It wouldn’t surprise him if she started anticipating seeing bats and various coffins lying around.
“Yes and this will be your house too for the next few weeks at least,” he replied, offering her his elbow in the courtly fashion. His lips curled up in pleasure when she slipped her hand at the crook of his elbow; feeling almost as though he was bringing her to a ball rather than a Vampire’s lair.
As an afterthought, he realized that he’d like that; bringing her to one of those ridiculously lavish balls, showing her off to the other Purebloods during their biannual gatherings…
“Young Lord,” greeted the majordomo the moment he stepped through the front doors; his eyes wandering briefly towards Amber then back to Draven’s face. Draven gave him a polite nod. He knew that the domestic never meddled in the affairs of his masters and never spoke of anything unless asked. That was for the best because he wanted to spend some time with Amber before speaking to his father about her.
“Please help me prepare something for my guest to eat,” he said before walking away. The domestic would understand what he meant for he would have scent that she was not the blood drinking type.



  1. Iam confused why would Draven bring her to the castle when he knows his father's opinion on the subject from the last chapter. Isn't he putting her in danger by bringing her home? Maybe it's time for a coo and his father to be removed on a perminate basis. LOL I don't know I am a little lost as to how we went from him walking out on his father to him taking Amber home. Maybe he should ring Fi and just ask her what she did to Amber so he can fix it.

  2. Although hiding her right under his father's nose is interesting!Still think Al should tell him what he overheard.

  3. Ah... That's because this chunk of the teaser is taken halfway in the middle of the story. Hehe. But I do see your point. Okay, I'll work it out a little on the actual draft. =)

    But basically, Draven realizes that unless she's always under his watch, she won't be safe. But of course, a man in love who is desperate will come up with any reason to be near his mate. *laughs*

  4. Thank you for the reply. I know some commenters on your story think Fi should talk to Aram but going by his lack of any feeling for anyone but himself I doubt anyone will get through to him. I do hope that Draven brings his Amber back to herself and lets her know he DOES want her.

  5. I came over here to read the teaser after reading the last ch you posted and to see that Draven went to get Amber and bring her to his place made me extremly happy and nervous all rolled into one. I had wondered the same thing about daddy dearest being being in the house but then again, Draven is having these feelings and he just can not stay away from his mate and if that means bring her into the fire to keep her safe then he must really really love her to do that. I cant wait for the weekend to see what brings us to this part of the story and where it goes! Of all the couples so far I think it is Amber and Draven I am loving to watch how their relationship grows and folds and unfolds. As always great great chapters!