Thursday, March 10, 2011

Into The Vampire's Lair covers

And so here my photoshop skills are put to use as I play around with photos and try to create a possible cover for my stories. It's mostly for fun and I am not going to use it for profit. =)

So here's the first cover I made. It's Draven and Amber... although it's really difficult to find male models with long hair. *sigh* But this what I put together.

The male model here looks half Asian... but that's okay.  I was experimenting with a new trick while doing this; which was to highlight only one colour from a picture... and thus Amber's hair here is red [yes, she will dye her blonde hair red later on]

And of course, the reference to Culzean Castle as seen from the Gothic architecture at the background.

But just to give myself another alternative, here's a more "Draven" like model. Plus I changed the background; still gothic but at least the two of them are looking at something. Lol.

So which one [or which guy rather] is better?

Next is the Alaron and Erika cover. Somehow it turned out better than I expected! Looks ALMOST like what most romance covers look like!

The photos are mostly stock photos... but I really have got to get a proper camera and beg my friends to pose for me. *laughs*

Right, then there's one photo of Ian Somerhalder that I JUST have to put here. It totally inspired me for the character of Alaron. Yes, he looks almost like that in my head. [and yes later I will make reference to him in Chapter 5!]

By the way, I have never watched Vampire Diaries though... but my brother loves to watch it... and so I end up seeing this sexy guy on screen now and again. And then I found this photo and it hit me... if Alaron was to watch Erika as she does her work, he'd look like that!

Right, so here ends my visual playground.


  1. I like the first cover better than the second, because the male model there looks more like a vampire to me than the second although he looks a bit too young as big brother, don't you think? ^^
    And I like the gothic backround but I think it should stay in the backround just like you did in the first cover. Else it would look as if the church has an (important) role in the story. I know you didn't mean it as a church but it is a bit difficult to catch the hint with the castle without knowing it.
    Oh and thanks for giving the picture of Alaron, I will never be able to watch Vampire Diaries again without thinking of this. Ian was already hot before knowing this and now you added fuel to the fire :)
    Hope you don't mind my mistakes in spelling and grammar, for I learned English only in school and now I'm trying my best to improve my skills ;) I even don't know, if it is possible to understand me (sorry ^^)

  2. Of course I can understand it! =) You shouldn't apologize.
    Anyway, yes you're absolutely right about Ian in Vampire Diaries. Everytime I see him flash on screen I go 'whoa is Alaron that hot?' hahaha.

  3. Actually, I prefer the second cover. It is more cohesive and the model is age appropriate. He has a regal look that fits Draven's character. The wolf seems a bit big though...maybe place a wolf within the castle, like a shadow?