Friday, March 4, 2011

Non-English movies/drama

Today for some RANDOM reason, I went to youtube to search for a long forgotten song by Sammi Cheng called 'Glass Slippers' or Bo Li Xie in Cantonese.Of course I do not understand a word of Cantonese since that's not my father's dialect but I love the song and I loved watching Hong Kong movies because of how delicious and tender the Cantonese words sounded to me.

One of absolute favourite movie starring Sammi Cheng is "Love on a Diet." It co-stars Andy Lau and is a hilarious take on how love and diet seems to go hand in hand. It touches on our obsession about being thin and looking our best to the ones we 'love' or have a crush on. But in the end, the two protagonists find that they actually love each other, at their worst and at their best. =)

So since we're on the topic of my non-english media picks, here's my other favourite.

The Latin American singer is Rosalinda in this telenovela and I remembered watching this when I was 14years old on TV. It was my first time ever hearing the Spanish language and I was immediately in love with it. I don't agree that French is the language of love. Spanish is!

Hehe. And so I listened to all of Thalia's songs and from there I taught myself how to speak Spanish. Yupp... that's right. I remembered spending hours in the library looking for those 'teach yourself' books and then borrowing them home to study. It was really fun and eventually I managed to pick up a few phrases and grammar.

However, the thing about languages is that... if you have no one to communicate with, then the language becomes redundant and you forget.

And here is my absolute favourite Korean drama- Pasta!

What I like about this drama is how the heroine is not your typical drop dead gorgeous girl. She's simple, innocent and clumsy and finds herself attracted to a man that shouts at her alot. Lol.

The hero isn't your over the hill handsome type and does initially treat her like dirt but eventually you see a softening of his harshness... that's something I like too.

Plus it's a romantic comedy- my favourite genre.... I mean apart from Vampires and Werewolves that is.

I've mentioned before that my Mom's a chef right? So it's kinda nice to know what actually goes on in the kitchen of a restaurant; the pressure, the details... it's all really amazing to me.

Now that I've mentioned food, there is another drama that I absolutely love and it's called Mae Ka Khanom Wan or the Thai Dessert Girl. Basically it's about this tomboyish girl who gets into trouble with a Mafia boss. Lol. But he later falls in love with her after he tastes her cooking. [She's a descendant from one of the Thai royal cooks] Apparently, Mr Mafia boss is a very picky eater and while he loves her cooking, she is always wary of him and so she disguises herself as a man to try and wreck havoc between him and his betrothed. Hahaha. I loved it! This poster sums it all:

The only thing I do not like about Thai drama at times is how nasty the antagonist characters can get. However, this story is quite a happy one where the bad guy isn't really so bad or backbiting sort. That is what I am hoping to achieve with TLAW and ITVL...

However, I am planning to write a completely different story soon and yes there will be major bad ass characters [if I can impart that wealth of character- I'm too nice...] As for now, I'm just looking for inspiration to write... kinda stuck with the Chapter 6 for ITVL... hopefully I'll get some creative juices by relaxing...

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  1. Thanks for posting these movies! I find international films entertain me more than American films. I can't wait to watch these, especially the Thai one since I work with food and love mafia/triad-esque stories.