Sunday, March 6, 2011

Writing Improvements 2: Taking down notes from reading

The next step in ensuring that your writing develops as time passes is to keep a notebook or maybe a folder in your computer labeled: Quotes and Phrases

Caution: Never lift directly what others have said/written. Always paraphrased or decontexualize the phrases, making them your own.

This was something that I had only recently practiced; keeping a notebook with all the lovely phrases and ways of describing things that other authors have used. So the next time when I want to write something similar, I take out my book and make use of some of the words. Here's an example.

The phrases here were taken out of a page of Lynsay Sands's book. At this moment, I am absolutely enamored by her writing.  The first book I picked up was called Immortal Hunter and the whole collection is now in my cupboard. [And thus spending £70] *gasps*

You can read the review/summary on this blog that I really like: Booklover's Haven.
For more information visit Lynsay Sands's official website:

The reason why I'm openly crediting her here is because her works has inspired me alot. Trust me, pick up her book and you'll end up laughing your head off! And so I decided to infuse the bits of humour that she does so well, into my writing. I really tried... but I'm not sure how well I've done it so far. *cross fingers*

Another thing, I've picked up a few of her terminologies but not the whole Immortal from Atlantis idea. So if you see something familiar don't go and rub it in my face. Lol. I know a lot of readers like to do that- "oh this is from twilight, I must rub it on Alice's face." [I have never read the books...]

Life is full of intertextuality. A story cannot exist on it's own without drawing on another source for inspiration or for parallels and references.

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