Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Staring at book covers

I didn't manage to get some of the Avon publishing version of Lynsay Sands's books so I bought the Orion Publishing ones. The book's bigger, a little more pricier but it's a damn piece of eye candy. I couldn't resist taking a look at the cover every 5 minutes!

The female [only one so far] is just so cute but the men... are just mouth watering. Lol.
However the interesting [or otherwise] thing about being an author is that you don't always have a say in the book covers. Except for sometimes; as you see Lynsay makes a change from the darker haired to the lighter haired guy in Bite Me if you Can. But I like the covers so far. Makes reading more pleasurable =)


  1. bite me if you can & single white vampire

    those two are my fave's

    the woman feels a bit too made, same for tall, dark and hungry

    a bite to remember seems more like a wolf LOL

    jeesh i'm being harsh here hihi but that first one *purrs* he can bite me too if he wants

  2. Lol! I was laughing when I saw this comment on the bus! But my favorite is the 'love bites' one. hehe he can bite me too! Or maybe I'll do the biting. *eyecandy*