Sunday, February 27, 2011

An image of Erika [as how I imagine her to be]

I know I don't explicitly say she's half Asian except that she has an Irish tilt to her voice right? But she is.

That's probably because I've been listening too much to Marie Digby these few days.

She has this very simple and clean voice that I find very captivating.
Although she doesn't have that prominent Irish accent [she lives in LA], I still like the way she speaks. Kinda sounds like me though. *laughs*

Anyway, here's a video of Marie singing and I thought I'd just share it here because listening to her gives me some inspiration for Erika's character and I know I haven't developed her relationship with Alaron yet partly because I'm tentative about it.

Her purpose in this story is to provide a tension for the Culzean siblings and to give them to bond over a real problem in which Fiona is not the main cause.

Okay so here's the song I'm listening to at the moment.

Marie is really so cute. I just saw a video of her speaking Japanese and while she's confident, she has that hesitant way of speaking going Anu, Anu... That's like 'errr' or 'like'. And I love how the Japanese speak English with their Japanese accent as well. Really cool.

Anyway on the topic of half-Japanese singers, here is Justin Nozuka. This song is just amazing. I mean he's singing live and it's so clear and soulful! And then Marie comes in and harmonizes so sweetly =)

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