Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Children and writing

I've just finished writing chapter 10 and I've already posted it [once again unedited]. I'm not sure exactly how it will be reviewed this time but I'm crossing my fingers. -laugh- My consolation is that I fell in love with Fiona and Keiran all over again and I'm using my love for my characters to continue with the next chapter. TLAW is going to end with the 11th Chapter.

I intend to write a sequel to that, but I am still thinking of the title. The most amazing thing was that, I wrote up the first two chapters of the sequel within 4 hours; all that while I was supposed to be teaching. Lol.

Speaking of teaching, today I was on the bus and there was this group of elementary school children; not more than 10-12 years old and they were talking about gays, lesbians, couples and what not. Of course, I found it amusing because children at that age, though aware of the opposite sex are extremely conscious of NOT being labeled as 'interested' in the other sex. So ironically, it was better to be 'gay' or 'lesbian' i.e choosing to be only with your girlfriends and boyfriends.

There was one boy in particular who was cracking jokes and trying to make the other girls laugh and two of his friends said, "He's trying to make them laugh. Yuck. I think we should try and remove this girly-ness from him and make him a true man."

That is soooo going into my book of quotes for future musings.

Speaking of children, I just recently read JazCullen's A Long Walk Home and DAMN that woman always makes me cry with her work. Seriously. Not to mention staying up till 6am to read her stuff. -laugh- So in this series, she introduces the half-breed children and I loved the way she gave them such innocence and yet maturity. As I was reading it, I was thinking... it would be nice to have a scene where young werewolves [or in this case werevamps] talk amongst each other. I wonder if they would have that 'yuck, i'm not talking to a girl' mentality that children seem to have. And then like 15 years down the road, those cute little boys turn into sexy hot hunks. Lol. They always do. Even in real life.

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