Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Disney will never be the same again

As usual, I get distracted by the www whenever I'm supposed to be studying and today I came across this website that had drawings of fairytale princes and princess in the most sexiest pose ever! I think the Princes drawings came from David Kawena here. This guy is seriously talented. Now I feel like in the mood for Fantasy writing. -laughs-

Now if REAL mermaids and fairies looked like that.... HOT!

This photo just puts a whole new meaning to Werewolf love.
I love the contrast of the sexy belle against the darker more sinister Beast.

And so we move on to my favourite topic- men. Hehe.

First up is my absolute favourite- not because he's the hottest but coz he's the geekiest. Like seriously... if a geek gets naked and you see all that, who wouldn't drool right?

That's not rippling body but nice and contoured enough for me.

Right next up, we have the human form of Beast from Beauty and the Beast. I think his name is Adam. Okay Eian... if you had a face you'd look like that. I mean with a boner like that... [okay sorry... getting distracted by animated creations]

-sigh- I shan't upload the rest or I'd end up ogling at them instead of doing my work.

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