Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The most touching thing that I have ever read. *cries*

Recently a fellow blogger introduced me to this story Wheels of Steel by PepperPace. You can find it here.

Initially I was just curious but after the first chapter, I was crying and nothing had even happened yet. So I continued reading and reading and now I can't stop. Damn it. It's almost 2am and I have a pile of readings to complete for my class and I'm too absorbed with the story that I won't stop. Yeah... I'm like that. I can read a whole book in a day; regardless of length.

Anyway, the story really touched a chord in me because I know what it is like living with a disabled person. It's not easy AND I have a mother exactly like Robin (the female lead).

So, to those who have never read her stories, please do. She infuses a kind of realism in her writing that comes with either a lot of experience or research but the effect is still the same- amazing. With that said, I'm waiting for Molkeke to finish her 'A New World Awaits' too then I'll spend the whole day reading them and crying. I'm such a baby!

But that is the hallmark of the work of a great author.


  1. i feel flattered that you feel the same about that particular story. Pep is someone that writes outside of the box, you'll find that out if you read more of her work. Some of it can be very daunting, but just as with WOS she does it in such an extraordinary way, it's just amazing.
    As for " a new world", almost finished a new chapter. I've set myself a deadline which I already broke LOL, with some luck tomorrow I can send it to Jazz

  2. Lol you totally need to finish the next chapter soon! Hahaha Jaz should install a 50c fine for every day you're late. Hehehe. Kidding!

  3. wos was absolutely wonderful sweet story i enjoyed it very much so much so i set up to five am reading it thank you Artform for telling me about it