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Into The Vampire's Lair Ch 3 (teaser) and still no sex?

Okay... I've already finished Into The Vampire's Lair Chapter 3. It's about 6710 words which would translate to about 2 or 3 pages on Lit.

But as I lean back and re-read the chapter, I'm wondering... "When is anybody going to have sex?" Lol. For the sake of story development, none of the characters have been getting any action except for maybe Fiona and Eian behind the scenes. lol. But I've already started Chapter 4 and there ends the celibacy for the rest.

Alright, here is a look at Chapter 3 so far. It is still in its raw, edited form and meant just as a teaser. =)

“Now look what you did.” Draven’s tone was not of accusation but a resignation as his eyes assessed the damage.
Alaron didn’t bother to reply. He was calling Aramis Culzean’s office to let him know about the situation. Vampires cannot mend broken bones as fast as they could heal mortal wounds. So in other words, Draven needed to go to the hospital but which one was the problem.
Meanwhile, Draven tried not to move too much in case he had other fractures, especially in his ribs. If just one were to stake through his heart, then he might die.  The thought pissed him off.
“Alaron, get off the damn phone. We’ll just do this our way without involving Father. You know how he is…” said Draven, wincing slightly as he shifted his body. “He might blow up the whole thing and have both of us locked in the house for the rest of our lives.”
“Hell no.” Alaron immediately disconnected the call. “So what do you want to do? You can’t go to a human hospital.”
“I know that. Call Eian and tell him we’re coming over to use his facilities.”
Alaron shot his brother the most disgusted look. “You want wolf magic hocus-pocus instead of proper medical treatment? You have got to be kidding me,” he complained but helped his brother up nonetheless. It didn’t take him much effort to lift the full grown man in his arms but he felt weird doing so. “When we get there, you’re getting into a wheelchair mister. We look like newlyweds.”
And sound like one too.
“That is absolutely sick,” said Alaron as he gently laid his brother in the back seat of his car. Turning one last time to look at the shop he muttered. “So which one of us is going to pay for the damages?’
“You,” they both said in unison. Alaron rolled his eyes as he started the engine.
“At this moment, you don’t have much bargaining power. You’re even incapable of getting yourself to the hospital,” he pointed out. “Plus you’ve lived so many centuries more than me. Don’t be mean.”
Draven was quiet for it was tiring for him to breathe through his mouth and talk at the same time. Furthermore, the pain was becoming increasingly unbearable. At times like this, he was thankful that he could communicate mentally with others if he wished to.
Mean would be me taking away the precious memory of you skirting around that girl.
Alaron immediately stiffened; his hands gripping the wheel tightly. “What girl?”
The reason why we had this fight. Oh please, don’t try to hide it from me… I practically raised you.
Alaron shut his mouth. There was really no point in denying it since Draven would find out anyway. Why did he have to have a brain nitpicker for a brother?
I heard that
“I didn’t say anything…” said Alaron; a smile slowly forming on his lips. “You’d better rest. I’ll call Eian once we’re reaching. He has wolves stationed at the entrance of the compound waiting to pounce on us.”
He gave us permission to enter the pack lands after they got married remember? It’s an extension for family members.
“Still, you smell like rotting flesh and I am not a wolf-lover so I’ll just call in case. But if that doesn’t work, then I’m leaving you to the dogs.”
That’s so kind of you.
Alaron’s eyes darted to the rear view mirror to catch his brother’s gaze. Any other Vampire would have ripped his throat out once they had the chance but Draven didn’t even reprimand him. He was as calm and collected as always and was exceedingly patient with him. In fact, Alaron couldn’t remember Draven ever raising a hand to strike him. Nag and curse yes but never beat. The thought made Alaron guilty.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized.
Forget it.
“I can’t. It’s just that you’ve always had everything… looks, swordsmanship, intelligence, abilities… Father’s approval… and I had nothing. It sucks to be your younger sibling… really. And the thought of you taking her away was just too much for me. It’s like I’m a curse or something you know? Mom got taken away then Fiona got taken away and now you want to lay claim on the human.”
“You have so much and more if you just take the time to appreciate,” said Draven in a coarse voice. It had taken a lot of energy just to say that one line but he thought it was important for Alaron to hear it out loud. “And I am not laying claim on that human.”
Yes. Can you just up and drive now?
“Come on… we just had the best fight of our lives… okay maybe for me coz this is the first time you lost. “ Alaron waited a heartbeat and heard Draven’s grunt of response. That’d do as a ‘yes’. “So you’re really not interested in her?”
I hate to repeat myself
“Man… Do you even dig women? I’ve never actually seen a woman inside your quarters ever. Well… not that any sane female would want to enter it. It’s like nerd-zone.”
Excuse me… I have taken female companions into my room before. Tsk.
“Like during the Neolithic maybe. Way before I was born. But seriously Draven… just how long have you not had sex?”
I am not discussing this with you
“Yikes! That sounds like a long time. Wicked!”
You’ll understand in another two or three centuries.
“No way. I think I’d want to have sex till I die. I don’t understand how anyone could get tired of it.”
I did not get tired of it
Alaron ignored his brother’s protest. “I’d want to do it everyday, maybe two or three times a day. I mean, they also work as convenient food.”
Alaron! You’re not supposed to do that!
“What… it’s not illegal here! This is Europe… not America anyway. I mean that’s the whole reason why we helped them invent the blood pill in the first place right? It’s because they have such a low supply of willing blood donors.”
I want to die
“Don’t be such a spoilsport!”
However, they were already at the main entrance of the compound so Alaron had to stop tormenting his brother and placed the call to Eian. Come to think of it, it was the first time he had ever asked for permission to enter the pack lands. Mostly, he lurked about at the outskirts, watching over Fiona.
As Eian’s voice filled at the other end of the receiver, Alaron snapped out of his thoughts.
“Hey, we’ve got a problem here. Draven needs some medical attention.”
Eian sounded somewhat annoyed on the other line but responded, “What happened?”
“He’s broken bones and needs to have them recast. We can’t mend them on our own and the human hospitals are just too dangerous.”
“But… don’t you have your own hospitals? You own the biggest blood bank and medical facility in Europe!”
“Here is nearer. Plus we’re trying to keep Father out of this… so we’d appreciate the discretion.”
He heard Eian sigh. “Okay enter after five minutes. I’ll send someone to guide you.” Then he disconnected.
A while later, two wolves came into view. Alaron eyed them warily but followed after them into the rugged terrain of the compound. He didn’t see any houses at all and figured that the Eian had given the wolves instruction to avoid bringing them near the pack settlement. Besides, the medical facility was almost at the edge of the compound on the other side as it served the small human community there from time to time.
When they finally saw the white and grey building, Alaron gave a relieved sigh and turned to Draven.
“We’re here. Prepare yourself for some mumbo-jumbo Bro.”
Do not call me that. You know I hate to be called that.

“You’re a WHAT?” exclaimed Erika for the tenth time.
Fiona was really trying to reel in her impatience for the sake of friendship and the safety of this human.  She couldn’t believe it was so hard to convince Erika that Vampires exist.
“Yes Erika… I’m a Vampire or at least that’s what you humans call us.”
“Oh my god… you’re going to kill me aren’t you?” she stammered in fear.
“No… please Erika… I’m not… I mean, have I done anything to hurt you at all in the past months?”
Finally! The fear slowly melted from Erika’s eyes but her guard was still up. “But I wouldn’t know would I? I mean you could have drunk my blood and then erased my memory or something.”
“It’s not like that! I would never hurt you Erika! We’re friends aren’t we?” pleaded Fiona although at the moment she was unsure if they would still remain friends after this. “I was Sired by a Pureblood so I don’t need to consume blood that much; once every few months and we have our own private blood banks for that.”
Fiona watched as Erika’s fear got replaced by curiosity. She was obviously interested to know more. That was good… at least she wasn’t shrieking and cursing anymore.
“So let me get this straight… Vampires exists AND you guys have a hierarchy going on? I am going insane aren’t I?”
No you’re not. We do exist and we have a hierarchy with a Council of Elders to enforce rules as well.”
“Yes… for situations such as these I suppose…” said Fiona sadly. “Erika… listen to me. The only reason I’m trying to make you understand is so that they won’t take you in and have your memories wiped. But they might have to anyway if they deem you as a threat.”
“Whoa… hold up a minute there lass. No bloody hell am I letting anyone wipe anything! This is all just a sick joke isn’t it?”
Fiona wished it was but she was getting weary from the stress of explaining to Erika over and over again. Fiona felt her lips tremble and her eyes threatening to cry. She really didn’t want to lose her friend. This was all Draven and Alaron’s fault. She was going to punish them severely for this. She had no idea why she even bothered to try and explain this to Erika. It was as though she was hoping her friend would accept it without question just as she had and then keep the secret.
“So if you’re a Vampire and so are your brothers, then is your husband and all those other people I met at the wedding Vampires as well?” she asked with a shudder. Fiona felt her heart sink. It was one think to say Vampires exist but saying Werewolves exist too was just going to open up a whole new problem.
Fiona saw the intense eyes of her friend demanding for answers and knew that hiding the truth was just a useless feat now.
“Please promise you won’t freak out…” she pleaded as an afterthought.
“I’ll try… nothing could be more sick than what I’ve just heard right?”
Fiona gave a weak smile. “My husband… and all the other bridesmaids and groomsmen… they’re Werewolves.”
The stunned expression of Erika’s face was priceless. Then she broke out into a hysterical laugh.
“Oh my god… oh my fucking god. Vampires AND Werewolves? This is a whole cart of bullocks. How in the world did I get myself involve in this blistering madness anyway?” she said, pacing up and down, mostly talking to herself. “I should have known it… You don’t eat anything and drink so little. Duh! Vampires don’t eat do they? Of course I’d offer myself if I had known but that would just have been weird. No forget I said that. That’s just bull.”
Fiona watched the petite woman try to absorb the information and internalize it but was clearly having a hard time. Knowing full well that Erika would be subjected to a memory wipe broke her heart. She would cease to exist in this woman’s life… forever.
Turning to look at her friend, Fiona blinked back her tears and gave her suggestion.
“Erika… I need you to sleep now and forget everything that ever happened here today when you wake up.”
The woman fell like a log, collapsing on the floor into deep slumber. Fiona was too distraught to notice that she wasn’t angry when she used her abilities. Picking the woman gently in her arms, she carried Erika upstairs to her bed and laid her down.
“Sleep tight my friend. I’ll wake you up when everything is over,” she whispered, squeezing Erika’s hand gently.
Closing the door quietly, she made her way down and came face to face with Alaron.


“What are you doing here Al…  I’m too depressed to kill you.”
Apologies later, he thought. Clean-up first. “Eian sent me. We need to destroy the security tapes right now,” he said, moving behind the counter to search for the camera feed.
“Wh… what? Eian knows about this?”
“He sent some Beta wolves to canvass the vicinity to see if anyone has seen or heard the uh… commotion this morning.”
Fear crept down Fiona’s spine. “Then what Al?”
“Then Draven will erase their memory…”
“Is he well enough to do so?”
“I’m not sure. The mending of bones is a bitch so they’re gonna give him drugs to suppress the pain. That will interfere with his pain receptors and his mind might be in too much of a bliss for him to do fully concentrate on erasing minds… Aha! Found it!” He raised his hand to show a disc but Fiona wasn’t paying attention.
“What are you going to do in the meantime?”
“We’ll have to bring the witnesses to a secure place and hold them there until he’s better.”
“No!” she shouted then frowned. “Wait… why isn’t Grandfather handling this matter? This is our mess. Why did you involve Eian in it?”
Alaron crushed the disc and the recorders carefully in his hands before moving away from her to look for the cameras. Those have to be destroyed too.
“He will lock us up Fiona… “he said softly as he smashed one of the cameras into a flat disc. “We can contain this… don’t worry…”
But Fiona wasn’t buying his unusual reassuring voice. “Something’s wrong isn’t it…”
With his head hung low, Alaron turned to look at her with a serious look on his face. “The reason why Father lets me get away with almost anything is because I am still underaged. That goes for any Vampire below the age of 100. As odd as that sounds, it weighs a lot in the Vampire world as to how they assess your punishment. I’ve been under house arrest for some time after your family’s… I’m sorry Fi, demise. They will look at this incident as a child’s lack of control and simply lock me up at home again but Draven is old and will be subjected to much harsher punishment.”
“Wait… you’re saying you only got house arrest for killing people? What is wrong with this system?” she shrieked.
“It is in place to protect our kind Fiona; above others. Do you know how many younglings and newly turned Vampires were staked and burnt in the past? Our kind almost went into extinction because all the young were too slow to evade human capture. And even now… do you think we can survive in prisons? If you’re placed in an isolation cell, you’ll probably just die from lack of feed. Either that or you’ll go mad with the burning need to kill and feed.”
Fiona slumped to her knees, clearly shocked at what she was hearing.
“Does Eian…”
“Yes he knows…” interrupted Alaron. “That’s why he was adamant on keeping you under his guardianship even though he’s a Werewolf. Because… one adult is only allowed to be guardian for one underaged Vampire.”
“What! Are you saying that I was under house arrest without me knowing it?”
“Hello… you attacked a man and sucked his blood till he fainted remember?”
“Oh…” she said, recalling the incident.
“And you tried to drown yourself which I thought was so stupid. But that’s beside the point. The council would do anything to keep their young alive… especially if they’re born into a Pureblood family or Sired by one.”
Alaron rolled his eyes. “You’re clearly not thinking clearly right now,” he commented, smashing another camera that he had found. “It’s better to breed Purebloods and Nobles as they only need to feed once every few months. Hello…”
“Oh. I forgot.” She was massaging her temples, trying to ease the headache that was slowly creeping into her head. Then she reached into her pocket and took out her phone and begin dialing.
“Sweetheart,” came the gentle voice on the other line. Fiona couldn’t wish for anything more calming than his voice at the moment. “I’m sorry I didn’t call you… I figure you’re still talking to Erika and that it might get a bit stressful for you…”
“Yes, she’s asleep now… I’m so tired Eian,” she whispered and heard his comforting words. “Have your Betas finished with their canvassing?”
“I’ll modify their memory right now. I refuse to let anyone be taken anywhere.”
A moment of silence passed.
“Are you sure?” he asked. Fiona felt a strange bout of comfort in his question. Even though he doubted her, he didn’t straight out refuse her help or ordered her not to intervene.
“It occurred to me that I had just put Erika to sleep and I wasn’t even angry. I don’t think I can wipe memories but I can suggest to them to forget what they saw or to pretend it was a dream or something.”
“Okay Sweetheart… Is Alaron there? Close the shop properly then stay with him inside until I get there with the Betas and the witnesses. Is that alright?”
She nodded her head slowly, mumbling a ‘yes’ into the receiver.
“I love you,” she heard him say before he disconnected.
“I love you too…” she whispered to herself.


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