Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Wedding of Fiona Culzean and Eian MacFarlane

 In the sequel to TLAW [which I haven't found a working title yet] Fiona and Eian are finally having their wedding! Of course, it has to be on a much grander scale than Dominic and Sydney's one since the former are like of noble status. If Aramis was a real person, I'd bet anything that he'd demand for a truly royal affair. Haha.

Right, so let's start with some pictures of wedding dresses. I haven't decided which one I would like to describe for Fiona. Not too much cleavage as royalty don't really dress like that. But lavish enough without looking like a pastry puff. I like the first one here but also the fourth one. Hahaha. Which would Fiona choose? Hmmm

 Next of course we have the men.

Anyway, when I saw this picture I was like... OMG. Eian would look something like that if he ever had a real face rather than just description. Except that Eian has long hair tied at the nape.


 On another note, here's what I imagine the men in the stories would look like walking together. Though not necessarily that old but I like this shot a lot. I'd take a photo of them like this:

We have Aramis, Draven, Alaron, Eian, Dominic, Mike and of course little Alex

 This is King Edward VII by the way but I was just thinking Aramis would look very much like this in his regalia. Though maybe not so paunchy eh. Vampire's don't eat that much. -laugh-

 Again, the Danish Royal Family. They are just really good looking and so I am including them here. Notice how the males are always wearing these military dress uniforms in formal shots? I guess the Eian and the Culzeans could go like this as well. Okay I'm biased. I absolutely love men in uniforms. Hahahaha.

Okay the next picture is just so adorable.

Pearl has two daughters, Clara and Mira and in the Fiona later asks them to be her flower girls. So this is how I'd imagine them to be. Aren't they just SO CUTE? =)

So moving on, I've included some pictures of Ashford Castle, Ireland  [as a setting for my brain to imagine] see here. I took some from Leeds Castle also. Just throwing pictures around to get a sense of the image.

Straight lines or circular tables?

Okay... straight tables it is. Something like on the right.
This is like planning for a real wedding.
I'm having a headache!

Alright, I'll do my best to describe the wedding. I'm very excited for them [see too caught up in my imaginary world again]


  1. You ARE a treasure! These images are wonderful depictions of your inspirations! I think the Danish Royal Family photos fit your main characters to a 'T' - and you're right, most royals do dress in military fashion for formal photos and monumental formal events.

    This makes me wonder if Keiran would be more traditional and want some tartan in this, one of the most resplendent and historically poignant events of his long and titled life. I got the idea he was more Gaelic/Celtic/Scottish than anything. Wearing his colors on such a momentous day would be especially important to him, don't you think?

    I think a cream/ecru/oatmeal/offwhite dress in the style of the Danish Princess pictured in the photo on the right would be perfect for Fiona, with a tartan sash draping from right shoulder to left hip, or encircling her tiny waist to tie in the back like a bustle . . .

    Your choice for the Culzean family patriarch is perfect! The kiddies look ADORABLE - those dresses would look DEElightful with tartan cumberbands!

    I am SOOOO happy that you are continuing on with the characters of TLAW! I look forward to reading more of the story soon.

    BTW, I was surprised to see here that you had posted/submitted the last chapter of TLAW simultaneously with Chapter 10 (which was really good, I must say!) - but it hasn't shown up on Lit :(

  2. Oh my gosh SizzlinSis! I totally forgot about the tartans!!! Hahahahaha. And here I was having a hard time thinking HOW am I gonna describe Eian's clothes? Now you've given me some ideas!
    *poof* back to writing!

  3. i like the dresses. my personal fave would be number 3, why?
    at the start of this story Fiona was still a a little girl, she was forced to grow up at an alarming rate. with ups and downs she's getting there. but somehow i like the idea of her wedding dress representing the position she'll take but also that that secret longing most young girls have about a Cinderella wedding.

    and that first groom? finger-licking delisiousness hihi

    i can see the purple from his suit reappear in her dress, but not so strong, more toned down.