Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 11- the ending

Chapter 11 has just been posted. Haha, I actually wrote it all in 2 days! It's unedited again due to my excitement so hopefully I won't get too much flak on that.

I've tried to wrap the story up nicely, though not as neatly as a fairytale. But it's enough to provide some sort of context for the continuation. At this moment, I still haven't decided the title for the sequel. So if you have any suggestions, just drop a comment or email me. That'd be nice.

For most parts, the sequel would explore Alaron and Draven's chance at love and also see Fiona go through her pregnancy [if it's possible].

I realise that in my writings, I use alot of scientific [sci-fi] kinda possibilities. Maybe it's because of my science background but also because I do believe that the field of science has so much more to offer to us and solutions are always present if we search for it.

So that concludes TLAW. My baby Fiona has finally grown up. Awww....

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